10 Ancient Tribes In India

The indigenous tribes in India that will mesmerize you with their earthly simple and traditional living.

India is home to numerous tribes, that have initially been aboriginal settlers or refugees who migrated from other regions. While some of these tribal want to maintain isolation, others welcome tourists and flaunt their colourful culture.

  1. Munda-

Munda is an ethnic group that resides in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and other states of India. Basically hunter-farmers, the tribe members are famous for their handiwork like weaving, basketwork, and other craftwork. Their language is expected to be more than 3500 years old.

  1. Santhal-

The largest populations among ancient tribes, their language is categorized as an Austroasiatic. Activities enjoyed by them are dancing, drum music, puppet shows, and other cultural activities.

  1. Badaga-

Residing in the Nilgiri region, the Badaga tribesmen descendants of the Lingayat refugees of the twelfth century. They speak the Badugu language, and their regular activities include chariot pulling, dancing and music.

  1. Chakma-

The Chakma tribe resides in regions of north-east India. Their language is called Changma Bhach. This group is divided into forty-six different clans and are invested in folklore, literature, music and dance.

  1. Bodo-Kachari-

They are the tribesmen of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Their language is called Bodo. A part of the Tibeto-Burman community, this tribe originated from Tibet. They practice silkworm rearing and do activities like fire ceremony, folk performances, and other cultural activities.

  1. Gond-

The Gond tribe resides in the Gondwana Land, which is situated between Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. They grow their food along the hill slopes. Their language, also known as Gond is a version of the Telugu language.

  1. Bhutia-

Basically residing in Sikkim, this tribe has its roots in Tibet. They speak the Sikkimese language. They are famous for their Chaan dance, fire dance, as well as other cultural performances.

  1. Lepcha-

The Lepcha tribe resides in West Bengal and speaks the Lepcha language. They live in simple bamboo houses decorated with stilts. They practice their traditional music and dance, and are famous for their bakery items that make perfect souvenirs to carry home with you.

  1. Irula-

The Tamil Nadu tribe that lives around the Nilgiri region are expert in hunting snakes down. They are fierce people who keep to themselves living to the extreme. Seeing them in action can bring an adrenalin rush in you.

  1. Karbi-

Popularly known as Mikir, they usually are found leading a peaceful life on hills. The one thing they encourage is marrying for love and that too outside the tribe. Their traditional festivals like Chojun, Hacha-Kejan, Thoi Asor Rit Asor and Peng Karkli draw people to visit them and enjoy their tribal music and dance form.

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