Published By: Elisa Ghosh

10 best bohemian room decor ideas

Calling out free spirits, does not matter whether someone is obsessed with layering textiles or shopping vintage based on cost-effectiveness, Bohemianism is one of the artistic lifestyles that take you all the way back to the 1800s.

Experience nature: An electric Parsian apartment is quite of a bohemian style which gives a vibe of fresh air. It not only proves that a wallpaper mural in a minimalist environment would be a good idea but also acts as a perfect example of how to design a living room when it comes to bohemian style. It looks sophisticated and relaxed at the same time.

Add Suzanis: All the pattern and colour really make the guest room lively and pop “says Betsy Burnham of California retreat. The idea of Moroccan rugs and vintage suzani headboard adds a vibe of an authentic bohemian style.

Say yes to soft materials: When the mere sight of the bedroom makes you want to jump through the cozy up bed and screen, there you have nailed the boho look. One should thank the soothing neutral colour scheme and plush textures throughout.

Focus on one colour: Blues gives a feel of bohemian touch when mixed with woven chairs, shades and pendants in the dining or hall room. A bohemian wallpaper fits into the theme of Brett design pattern that depicts large knit stitches.

Choose to stay grounded: Since, boho chic style is all about ground seating, laidback living and living through linen fabric with low-hanging vintage pendants would set the mood perfectly.

Try to keep it natural: Bohemian style does not go with loud colours and wild prints rather shows tons of restraint while incorporating natural and green materials. The organic vases would be on display and natural stones reflect balance between bohemian living and laidback culture.

Pile on push pillows: Cushion placed on the sofas should give a vibe of bohemian lifestyle through a feature pillows on pillows.

Choose to mix lush patterns: Swirling whites and grays would bring a soothing ethos to the washroom/bathroom. The addition of Cole and Son palm leaves wallpaper echoes both curvy accent chair and mosaic floor motifs to the mixture.

Reorganize your outdoors: In doubt? Add more pillows especially in the lounge area as those are meant for relaxing in the sun. Add tons of pillows in the midst of vintage textile cozy up with an Indonesian daybed outside for relaxation.

Go for thrifting: Bedroom with brownstone and cut velvet from the Clarence house which resembles ironwork.

If you are a boho enthusiast, then you must go for the relaxing and aristrocating look that are mostly suggested above.