10 Celebs Who Dated Their Biggest Fans

Everyone has entertained a daydream about spending a forever with a celebrity they like. Here are some people who materialized their dream of dating a star.


Dreams do come true, and some are too good to even realize. Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity you daydreamed about marrying? Well, we all did. Here are some people who actually dated celebrities, and some even have a happy married life with them.


Lalit Modi &Sushmita Sen


When Lalit Modi announced his love interest with Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe the news went viral on Instagram. We still have more to learn on their love time before the news gets buddied deep under!


Shriram Nene And Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit, the most famous dancer in Bollywood, married Dr. Shriram Nene at her brother’s urging and promptly abandoned her film career to settle down in the United States with him. Dr. Nene admired Madhuri greatly for her beauty and skill.


Shilpa Shetty And Raj Kundra.


Actress Shilpa Shetty married Raj Kundra, a British-Indian businessman and a massive fan of hers. They’ve stuck together through good and thin for a decade now.


Dilip Kumar &SairaBano


SairaBano had a secret childhood infatuation with Dilip Kumar, and few people knew about it. She used to fantasize about him all the time when she was a kid. They wed in 1966 when Dilip was 44 and Saira was only 22. Many people said the marriage wouldn’t last, but it did.


EshaDeol& Bharat Takhtani


Since he was a teenager, Bharat Takhtani has had a crush on EshaDeol. Though they grew up together, Bharat never considered marrying her because he came from a traditional business family, and she was part of the film industry. However, on June 29, 2012, they exchanged wedding vows.


Maya Henry And Liam Payne


About four years after Maya Henry uploaded an Instagram photo of herself during a 2015 One Direction meet-and-greet, Liam Payne and she started a low-key relationship in 2019. Both parties had been engaged in 2020 but have since broken off their engagements.


William & Kate Middleton


The royal family is celebrity too! Kate Middleton has posters of Prince William hanging on his college dorm wall before they even met. Since her wedding in 2011, the couple has been setting the perfect relationship and family goals.


Zac EfronWith Vanessa Valladares


In 2020, while vacationing in Australia, Zac Efron encountered Vanessa Valladares, who was working as a server at the General Store café in Byron Bay. The couple got along tremendously and lived together for 10 months until breaking up in April of 2021.


Nicolas Cage & Alice Kim


In 2004, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim met while she was waiting tables at the Los Angeles restaurant Kabuki. They tied the knot two months later, only to divorce in 2016.


Cash Warren And Jessica Alba


Jessica first met Cash, a production assistant, on the set of 2004’s Fantastic Four. Cash admired Jessica for quite some time, and the two finally tied the knot and started a family that grew to include three children.


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