10 Delicious Vegan Lunch Recipe Ideas

These veggie-driven, vibrant, plant-based recipes are not only delicious but offer fresh seasonal produce. Who said vegan food is boring?

Many people go vegan for health reasons or because they want to avoid any food that isn’t plant-based. But, after a while, they get bored of eating the same thing over and over. But it doesn’t have to be that way! These delicious vegan options are great for lunch – and will keep you full and satisfied for a long time.

  1. Vegetable Biryani

This aromatic rice dish is made with chickpeas and vegetables. It is infused with all the Indian spices – you can customise it to your liking. You can serve it with coriander andmint chutney.

  1. Szechuan Eggplant With Chilies And Peanuts

Serve this spicy dish with black rice or noodles. Or, go for burnt garlic fried rice for a delicious, easy vegan lunch!

  1. Broccoli Cheddar Soup With Jalapeño

This is a quick and easy recipe. It is not only vegan but also keto-friendly! And very filling as well!

  1. Instant Pot Lentil Soup

Need we say more? Just put it in the pot and you will be done in 30 minutes So easy!

  1. Roasted Cauliflower In Tahini Sauce

This recipe also needs zaatar spice to make it more Middle Eastern. This healthy vegan lunch option is just bursting with flavours. So easy to make and delicious!

  1. Vegan Bombay Burrito

A super popular street food in India, it is super delicious. This is the healthier, vegan version of it. Fill it up with roasted cauliflower, cooked mashed potatoes, chickpeas, spinach, coriander mint chutney and spicy, pickled onions. Simply delicious!

  1. Chipotle Portobello Tacos

This is a smoky, spicy dish that is a great favorite of vegans. And the best part is, they can be made in 30 minutes!

  1. Vegan Ramen In Miso Shiitake Broth

This healthy ramen dish is made with mushrooms, bok choy tofu, and scallions. To make the broth creamier, you can add coconut milk to it.

  1. Vegan Portobello Mushroom Burger

This Asian grilled burger has amazing umami flavour! Topped with a cucumber salad and carrot slaw, this burger is so yummy. It is not only healthy, but oh-so-satisfying. And the best part is, it’s completely vegan!

  1. Spicy Oaxacan Bowl

This healthy Mexican-style Oaxacan Bowl contains roasted sweet potatoes as well as sweet peppers. Spread over hot black beans, this dish can set your tastebuds on fire! It is also topped with avocado, cabbage slaw, and chipotle maple pecans.

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