Published By: Elisa Ghosh

10 DIY gifts for your loved ones

Gifts have always been a physical token memorializing a moment that one cherishes forever especially when it comes to loved ones. Handmade gifts have always been a gesture of affection as well as love.

Snake-Belly Braided Bracelet: Get this for your loved ones as string bracelets always have a special place in our hearts. These grown up leather versions are mainly for keeps. They look even better over time on your arm and also your loved ones.

Block-printed notebook: It is for those who love to write journals, then this DIY gift is the ultimate one. It binds the pages of plain watercolourpaper with hand-stichedbindibags and covers it with creative designs by dipping pencil or pen in front cover of the notebook.

Scented candles: When it comes to gifting scented candles why not make one?. Make your candle as it is way easier than it seems. Those beautiful copper-bounded candles are only made with a blend of lovely scent and essential oils that are ready to burn all season long.

Tea gift box: If you are thinking of something special to gift then you must go for luxurious teatime in a box.  Here one needs to choose antique gold-rimmed tea cups, a tin of tea, vintage silver spoons and a rose-scented sugar along with tea-spiced fruitcake.

Embroidered hand: There is something very special and deeply personal as well as sentimental about one’s handwriting which can be used to personalize all kinds of gift items. So, get fabrics and simply choose linens and embroidery floss to embroider your or your partner’s name.

Photo frame: For making your 1st perfect custom gifts for your loved ones, then must go for creative handmade photo frames highlighting memorable moments that both of you will cherish forever.

Wall art: A unique piece of wall art that can be customized and printed on canvas as a sign of standout gift.

Personalized mugs: With funny or lovable quotes printed on it that will make him/her remember you all the time and the memory that would be represented as a photo or something similar like that.

ABC Date jar: This might appear as a new concept or have seen before as well, but either way it is one of the great plans for some future quality time with your loved ones.

Message in a bottle: Take some time to place your favourite memories in a message bottle crafted on a note. Write them down on a piece of paper and add them in the message bottle.

So, no need to stress over finding gifts for your loved ones. Just grab some materials and make it on your own.