10 Facts About Sleep That you Did Not Know

Unfold the mysteries of sleeping and get to know how the brain works once you let your subconscious mind take the driver’s seat.

Sleep constitutes about 1/3rd of your day on an average. Although scientists are still working on decoding sleep, here are some jaw-dropping facts about dreams that will leave you astonished.

  1. You must have heard new parents complain about not remembering when they last slept. Well, guess what? That’s true. Researches done on Medical Daily states that newborns can take 44 days of sleep from parents in a year! Next time you see parents with bags under their eyes, offer to babysit the baby and help them take a nap!
  2. Higher altitude disrupts sleep. While you go for trekking on cliffs beyond 13,200 feet, you might get a troubled sleep. Higher altitude causes oxygen scarcity that will keep you from a sound sleep to restore you from the exhaustion.
  3. You can sleep with open eyes! Depending on how your brain assists you to dive into the subconscious mode, you can totally doze off in broad daylight with eyes wide open.
  4. Human beings are the only animals who can regulate time to sleep. All other animals depend solely on their weariness to get sleep. Humans can control their sleep time and persuade the brain to keep awake until your task finishes.
  5. Imagine going to sleep in a full black and white backdrop! We apparently can’t relate to it, but reports show that 12% population has a-chromic dreams, especially those born during monochrome television times.
  6. You can do signs in your sleep. Just like somnambulists talk in their sleep, a person who uses hand signs to communicate is likely to use hand signs when they are dreaming!
  7. How long can you go without sleep?11 long days! It was reported that in 1964, Randy Gardner, who was severely insomniac, could not sleep for 11 days. Even though we have stayed awake a day or two but that long stretch of exhaustion will eventually cause your brain to collapse.
  8. You don’t dream about strangers!When you dream about a stranger, that person actually exists. Your brain remembers people we see but don’t distinguish in real life. It uses flashbacks of those memories, placing them as characters.
  9. Too tired to get out of bed?There is a syndrome for it! Dysania is a state where getting up from bed in the morning feels like a mammoth task. It is a fatigue syndrome where your body won’t cooperate with your mind and urge you to keep resting.

Remember that crazy sensation of falling off from a building while sleeping? It is called a hypnic jerk and is a common syndrome in slight sleep. Elevated anxiety and endorsed physical activity can make you experience them frequently.

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