10 Most Beautiful Orange Roses

Orange roses stand for vibrancy, youth, and life. They also make an excellent option for wedding decorations.
Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth. While the red rose get all the attention, its beautiful cousin, the orange rose, isn’t far behind in grace and beauty. They can add playfulness and colour to any garden. Here is a list of the best varieties of orange roses.


Just like its name, this variety of roses is full of elegance and grace. These plants are very strong and hardy. They have an extremely pleasant fragrance. They make for awesome garden flowers. They are great for decorations.

Oranges And Lemons
Out of all types of orange roses, this rose variety has a very unique colour. It is orange with yellow stripes. These roses have a very pleasant fragrance and are very easy to grow. These hardy plants can be grown by anyone, even inexperienced gardeners, as they need very little care. They are amazing for decorations for weddings and anniversaries.

Abraham Darby

Named after Abraham Darby, this rose grows as a tall shrub. It is a short climber with an average height of five feet. It is a very hardy plant and belongs to the category of English roses. These roses have a fruity fragrance.


Inspired from the Shakespeare play ‘Titus Andronicus’, these roses are simply perfect for large rose beds. They smell like lilacs or mimosas and are cute and cup-shaped. They are very hardy plants.

Jude the Obscure

These roses have a very strong and pleasant fragrance. They are great climbers in places with warm weather.

Port Sunlight

These roses are apricot-coloured. They are hardy and have a lingering and rich tea fragrance. They look amazing as decorations.

Lady of Shallot

These roses are named after the Lady of Shallot, which is a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. These orange beauties are whimsical and mystical to look at. The petals of this rose are chalice-shaped. These flowers have a warm tea mixed with apples and cloves fragrance. These make for amazing garden roses.

Lady Emma Hamilton

These roses are very hardy and grow easily, without much care required. They have an amazing fragrance and a pretty yellow-orangish hue.

Ambridge Rose

These roses are a part of the English rose species. They are very hardy plants. They come in peach, apricot, and orange colours. They have a delightful fragrance.

Crown Princess Margareta

Named after Princess Margareta, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, these roses are classically beautiful. They are very hardy plants and can grow as medium-sized shrubs.

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