10 reasons to own less stuff

While Retail Therapy gives you instant gratification, for a more balanced and happy life, you should actually do the opposite. In a post consumerist world, decluttering and owning less and less material are the new mantras of a happy, modern life.

Less Stress – There have been many scientific studies to comprehensively suggest that too much clutter raises our stress levels and distract us. So, owning less stuff means less clutter, which in turn means less stress!

More Peaceful – If you own too many stuffsthat clutters up inside your house, it is visually distracting and eventually ends up cluttering your mind as well.

More Space – When you keep only the things that you really need, letting go of all the things “you might need later”, you create more space.By only letting yourself to keep things that you need, love or adds value to your life, you won’t have random clutter taking up space.

More Time – A decluttered home is easier to look after so you end up saving much time for other activities. It will be quicker to tidy up, clear things away, to clean when there is less stuff to take care of. This goes on further to give you more freedom since you are less tied to looking after your stuff.

Increase Efficiency – With less things to take care of, you will see an increase in your productivity and overall efficiency. For example, it will be quicker and easier to find things because there is less clutter to shift through.

Ready for Visitors – Since your house will now be easier to keep looking neat and tidy, it is always ready for guests and visitors even if they drop by unannounced.

Spend Less – Once you start to declutter, you will start to spend less on stuff that you don’t really need. You begin to shop with intention instead so you are more focused on quality over quantity, moving on to invest wisely on quality items.

Live Intentionally – When we are used to having a lot of stuff, we don’t really appreciate what we already have. But when you own less, what you do suddenly becomes more important. By owning less, you learn to live your own life rather than measuring your car or wardrobe with others.

Example for Children – By decluttering and giving away stuff that you don’t need, you are setting a fine example for your children. You are also teaching them to prioritize their needs and wants as well as appreciate what they already have.

Better for Environment – If you stop buying unnecessary stuff, there will be a lot less production and a lot less packaging among other things. At the end of the day, the earth will die or be saved by consumer action (or inaction).

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