Published By: Sakshi Agrawal

10 Tattoos to fulfil your minimalist desire

Less is more applies to many things, including tattoos. Scroll below for some small tattoo ideas.

Few people prefer large colourful tattoos that cover big parts of their body. But there are some other people who want small, simple tattoos that are elegant and compact. Thus, below we give you some minimalist tattoo ideas and their meanings.

  • Anchor
An anchor tattoo symbolizes strength and security. It highlights that the person bearing the tattoo has been through a hard time but has survived and found their safe haven.
  • Arrow
In real life, when an arrow is pulled back and released, it moves forward. The same meaning applies to the tattoo as it shows courage and ability to move forward.
  • Musical notes or instruments
For all the music lovers, you can either get a musical note or an outline of your favourite musical instrument to tell the world “music is life”.
  • Small dots
Small dot tattoos on your fingers highlight a different aspect of your life, depending on the number of dots you get. But they look less like tattoos and more like beauty marks.
  • Rings
Many married couples are getting tattoos on their ring finger as an alternative to their wedding rings and also going a step ahead by getting their significant others name along the tattoo ring. You can let the creativity flow and get replicas of thick ring jewellery.
  • Infinity
A very common tattoo, the infinity symbol stands for never-ending possibilities and also the death and rebirth life cycle.
  • Roman Numerals
To make the special date tattoo classy, you can opt for roman numerals. They are cleaner and much more organized than the normal numbers.
  • Plane
A paper plane or an aeroplane tattoo with a trail symbolizes a regret-free, fun and youth-filled personality. You can also use it to highlight for love for travelling.
  • Snowflakes
For people looking for a small but unique tattoo, then snowflake is the way to go. Each snowflake design is exclusive and showcases individuality and gentleness.
  • Lotus Flower
To represent the qualities of the flower, the lotus tattoo symbolizes tranquillity, beauty and perfection. It also highlights that you need to carry on in the most difficult times because at the end, you will come out filled with grace and elegance, like the flower.

All the designs above have different variations that you can find online or consult with your tattoo artist. Which one do you like the most?