11 tips for living with roommates happily

Omg can you not put the empty milk carton back in the fridge?

Sometimes you get Sheldon Cooper for a roommate. Sometimes you get a Chandler. The point is living with a roommate can take a bit of work. Unless your roommate is a spawn of the devil, sharing with a roommate can be pretty good. Of course you will need to a little communication, a little reminding, a little working together.

Here are tips for living with roommates happily.

Its all about the communication

If your roommate does something that bothers you, talk about it ASAP. Don’t let it sit until it drives you crazy.

Discuss to divide chores

Especially when it comes to cleanliness, divide chores accordingly. If one cooks, the other does the dishes one day. Set days when and what chores you have to do.

Don’t fight passive aggressiveness with more passive aggression

If your roommate is giving you the passive aggressive treatment, ask if it’s you that’s making them behave that way and put an effort to hash it out. Adding layers of passive aggression is going to create a bad vibe in the house.

You can hash out small decisions via text

Things like picking up milk on the way back or reminding them about a chore or house thing can be made via text. More serious discussions should be had in person.

It’s okay to not be BFF with your roommate

Trying to be BFF with your roommate forcibly is not going to work. If it happens naturally, its good. It’s also fine if you are just roommates.

Set clear boundaries if their SO is around all the time

If your roommate SO is always around, eating, sleeping, taking up your space around the clock, its better to talk to your roommate about it if the SO can put in work for the house. Do it in a friendly way and offer it as a suggestion.

Make sure you are doing your part before blaming your roommate

Its easy to always blame your roommate for not doing their part. But before you go accusing them, think about if you have been doing your part. Also, set reasonable standards for yourself and your roommate.

Know its sometimes better to take the high road

Communication is fine. Compromise is also fine. Instead of letting your ego take its course, it’s better to take the high road sometimes.

Respect each other monetary boundaries

Just because you can afford to eat out couple of times a week doesn’t mean your roommate can afford it too. Talk about your finances and respect monetary boundaries.