112 Uncommon Girl Names With Their Meaning

Here is a compiled list of some of the most creative and attractive names for baby girls.


As a parent, selecting a newborn girl’s name is a high honor. Your child’s name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life, and you get to pick the one that’s most meaningful to you. Here are more than a hundred fascinating baby girl names in our selection that you won’t find anywhere else.


Mia: Beloved.

Luna: Moon.

Cora: honest and virtuous.

Evelyn: A wished-for child.

Yolanda: Violet.

Laina: Pathway.

Eva: The living one.

Phoebe: A bright girl.

Irie: pleasing.

Kiera: Dark-haired.

Wren: A small bird.

Daphne: Fountains and springs.

Tessa: A reaper.

Phoenix: A dark red color.

Aspen: The quaking tree.

Faith: Trust.

Fiona: Fair and white.

Leia: Child from heaven.

Raquel: Innocent.

Astrid: Beautiful and fair.

Heidi: Nobility.

Janece: brilliant and benevolent,

Rowan: A little red-haired girl.

Joelle: God.

Elsa: Pledged.

Delanie: From the alder grove.

Winnie: Fair one, smooth, soft.

Scarlett: Passion and courage.

Harlow:  The army hill.

Robyn: Bright, famous one.

Selena: The Moon goddess.

Elle: She.

Quinn: Counsel.

Chaya: A good life.

Piper: Feisty and floaty.

Iris: Rainbow.

Tobi: God.

Alexa: To defend.

Kyra: The Lord.

Asantewaa: A warrior.

Petra: Rock or stone.

Cinnamon: Spice.

Raelyn: Advisor and protector.

Daisy: The day’s eye.

Dominique: For the Lord.

Lara: Protection.

Hope: The desire for fulfillment.

Ariel: The lion of God.

Violet: A beautiful purple flower.

Lena: A ray of light.

Emaline: A peaceful home.

Brielle: The beautiful heroine of God.

Vera: Faith.

Hawaii: New homeland.

Liliana: Innocent as a lily.

Chloe: Blooming with fertility.

Marlene: Seastar.

Gabrielle: God of strength.

Adelaide: Noble and natured.

Mirabel: Wondrous.

Danica: The morning star.

Myla: A merciful soldier.

Trista: A noisy soul.

Ruby: A precious red stone.

Yuka: A wonderful fragrance.

Jobelle: Gracious.

Ausha: Determined and courageous.

Vienna: The wine country.

Brynne: Noble defender.

McKay: Happy and rejoicing.

Halle: A home ruler.

Jewel: Delight.

Mari: Beloved.

Arianne: Holy.

Opal: A beautiful jewel.

Fallon: A leader.

Anastasia: The resurrection.

Clea: To praise well.

Kehlani: The sea and sky.

Emersyn: Powerful and brave.

Mercedes: Rewards.

Olive: Olive tree.

Marley: Pleasant meadow.

Estelle: A star.

Kamila: Ideal.

Austin: Magnificent.

Jade: Stone that is beautiful and strong.

Serena: Tranquil and serene.

Tena: Strong and healthy.

Melody: A beautiful song.

Tania: Queen of fairies.

Adina: Mild and gentle.

Skylar: Undying life and strength.

Fern: A green plant.

Raya: A friend.

Juniper: Young girl

Carolina: A song of happiness.

Serenity: Peaceful

Sunny: A cheerful and happy soul.

Josilyn: A member of the German tribe.

Myka: One who resembles God.

Perla: Pearl.

Christa: The chosen one.

Clementine: A merciful Soul.

Ilse: The oath of God.

Wendy:  A true friend.

Sienna: Orange or reddish color.

Catalina: Pure-hearted.

Akia: The first-born.

Teagan: Perfect and beautiful.

Jasmine:  A Gift from God.

Allegra: A very jolly girl.


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