1290 Super Duke RR: Offers 1:1 Power Ratio

The newly revealed 1290 Super Duke RR is powered by a 1,300cc V-Twin engine 

Austrian Brand KTM has recently revealed a jaw-dropping 1290 Super Duke RR which is restricted to 500 units only in the entire world. In short, only 500 individuals around the world will be able to purchase the limited-edition 1290 Super Duke RR. The all-new super naked streetfighter motorcycle is nine kilograms lighter than the predecessor standard model and is equipped with better electronic aids and suspension setup.

Powertrain- The KTM 1290 Super Duke RR is equipped with a 1,300cc V-Twin engine tuned to yield a peak power of 180hp and a torque figure of 140Nm. Those numbers arriving from a 1,300cc engine may not excite you, but let us inform you that the new Super Duke provides a 1:1 power ratio. It means that the motorcycle weighs 180 kilograms and churns out 180hp of power. So, how did KTM shed the overall weight of the motorcycle compared to the preceding iteration?

Chassis, suspension and wheels- The Super Duke has shed nine kilograms because of the contemporary carbon-fibre subframe, wheels and body panels. These three unique pieces composed of carbon fibre has helped the naked streetfighter shed several kilograms of weight. The motorcycle’s front handling function is managed by a fully-adjustable WP APEX PRO 7548 fork, whereas the rear is governed by an APEX PRO 7746 mono-shock setup. To augment the rider’s morale while knee downs, KTM has slapped the motorcycle with sticky Michelin Power Cup2 tyres.

Electronic aids- Since the KTM Super Duke 1290RR is a mighty and fast model, the motorcycle is equipped with various electronic aids to help the rider hit the triple-digit numbers without crashing or skidding. The motorcycle is loaded with electronic aids such as ABS, cornering ABS, launch control, motor slip regulation and rear-wheel slip adjustability along with numerous track and performance modes.

Price and availability- As of now, KTM has not reported the price of the limited-edition motorcycle. However, KTM has begun to accept booking amounts for the Super Duke in several European countries from April 8, 2021. Sadly, there’s no information from KTM’s front on the availability and pricing of this model in the Asian and Indian markets. Given the exclusivity of the motorcycle, we believe the Indian market will not receive over 30 units.

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