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21 Gen-Z lingo every boomer must know about!

Ready to decode some Gen Z talk? Let's check out the hip language that's making conversations lit! 

Struggling to catch up with Gen Z's language? Don't worry, whether you're a legit boomer or a baby boomer, here's a cheat sheet to help you get in the loop with how the cool kids talk!


"Fam" is the mini version of family, but don't let that fool you—it's the Gen Z way of describing your friends, similar to how Millennials toss around "bro". 


Being the CEO of something means you've aced it, you're basically a pro at whatever it is.


This slang term means that something is good or okay. So, if someone asks how you're doing and everything is good, you can casually respond, "Everything's Gucci, and you?" 


This phrase is used to express admiration or praise for someone who excelled or performed exceptionally well. 

Cancel culture 

Cancel culture involves publicly shaming the actions or opinions of a public figure, company, or organisation. 

For most, it's just a letter, but for Gen Zers, it's a symbol of "winning." 


If something is described as dank, it means it's outstanding or of superior quality. 


Ghosting is a term often used in the early stages of a relationship. It involves ignoring someone or abruptly stopping communication. 


"Cap" is the new way to call out a 'lie'! Saying someone is "capping" means they are lying. Conversely, if someone says "no cap," it means they're being truthful. 

Big Yikes 

This slang is the upgraded version when regular "yikes" just don't cut it for that level of embarrassment.


A clapback is a swift and witty comeback in response to an insult or critique.


Glow-up is a significant form of self-improvement, often seen in enhanced appearance, confidence, and style. Frequently associated with transformations during puberty. 


"IJLBOL" is the acronym for "I just burst out laughing," a sort of upgraded "lmao." 

Living rent-free [in someone’s mind] 

This phrase hints that something is occupying someone's thoughts persistently!


This term is the go-to for expressing agreement or conveying your current mood. 


"Squad" is the crew of friends who love to hang out. You can use it as how ‘your squad’ relentlessly makes plans for that Goa trip for what feels like an eternity, but success is still playing hard to get! 


This term is perfect for describing something or someone as super fancy or extravagant. 

Sip tea 

"Sip tea" is a twist on "spilling the tea," indicating you're just chilling and listening to gossip instead of actively participating. So, what's your style? Are you in the sip tea squad or the spill tea squad?

Take several seats

If someone is really annoying you, you might humorously suggest they "take several seats" to cool off! 


Nope, it's not Stanley; it's a blend of "stalker" and "fan." Stanning someone implies being obsessed, but in a non-creepy way. 


To subtly insult or criticise someone is to "throw shade." If someone throws shade at you, it's your cue to clap back! See, now you're ready to flex that Gen Z lingo with confidence! 

Language is always changing, and each generation brings its own unique ‘lingo’. Staying current with these terms can be challenging, but it's an exciting part of linguistic evolution. Gen Z has introduced a fresh set of expressions, influencing language across all generations. We hope today's exploration of Gen Z jargon has cleared up your confusion!