3 Awesome Hacks To Stay Healthy And Clean During Travel

A hard but necessary task while travelling

Taking care of your health while travelling and staying clean at the same time is quite problematic. The joy of the whole trip gets ruined when you inadvertently fall ill while travelling. At the same time, if you do not take care of your health while on vacation, you are more likely to get sick when you return. Besides, who likes to enjoy a trip with dirty clothes or a face full of acne!

So in today’s article, here are some amazing but simple hacks so that you can enjoy your next vacation to the fullest while maintaining cleanliness and good health.

Carry a medical kit with you

When packing clothes and other necessities, be sure to pack daily used medicines. Also, carry the necessary medicines as per the medical condition of your body according to the weather and surrounding conditions of the area you are going to visit. For example, drinking water in hilly areas is not suitable for many. Many people get diarrhoea from drinking water there, so if you have this kind of problem, it is important to be especially aware of the whole drinking water situation if you are planning to travel to the mountains.

Maintain your hygiene

It is not always possible to eat using a spoon while travelling. For that reason always carry liquid soap or hand sanitiser. Be sure to keep tissue paper and wet wipes with you. Carry extra paper plates and bowls from home if possible.

Take medicated face wash and night cream with you for skincare. In air-conditioned compartments or suites on trains, buses or planes, there is a tendency for cracked lips. So be sure to take a good lip balm with you.

It may not be possible to shampoo your hair every day while on a trip. So always carry a bottle of dry shampoo with you.

Sanitary pads, tampons and period panties should be kept with female travellers during the trip so that they do not get into trouble during menstruation. A hot water bag can be carried to deal with period pain.

Avoid excessive unhealthy foods

It is very exciting and fun to try out the local cuisine while travelling. However, eating extra fried or spicy foods can lead to stomach problems and other physical discomforts and getting sick on a trip is an absolutely bad idea! Therefore, it is better to eat according to the health permit. In addition, it is advisable to drink enough water while travelling to avoid dehydration. While vacationing, always carry dry food or dry fruits with you to satisfy your immediate munching cravings.

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