3 Bad Habits To Avoid To Prevent Liver Damage

An unhappy liver can lead to death!

Our liver keeps the body healthy by removing harmful elements from the system. Including metabolic function, it is the regulator of several important physiological processes. Taking care of the liver is especially significant for maintaining our overall physical well-being.  However, a number of bad habits in our daily lives damage the health of our liver and affect the normal rhythm of our physiological processes. We all know that smoking, alcohol or other tobacco products can cause serious liver damage.

But apart from alcohol, we have many other habits in our daily life, which can cause severe liver impairment. Today’s article presents a detailed discussion of all the destructive habits that are constantly damaging your liver.

Although An Autoimmune Organ, Our Liver Has A Limited Ability To Function:

By absorbing essential nutrients from our daily diet and flushing out unnecessary waste, the liver does an excellent job to keep the body healthy by balancing multiple physiological processes. However, if we continue to indulge in bad habits that negatively impact the normal functioning of the liver, then after a while, the liver loses its ability to function properly and stops working. Avoid practicing these 5 bad habits to protect your liver.

Say No To 'Low Fat' Foods:

Although low-fat labeled foods are marketed as 'healthy', they are not good for our health at all. Also, a lot of artificial sugar is added to maintain the taste of these foods. Which is why including these 'low fat' foods in the diet is more harmful than beneficial.

Avoid Taking Too Many Medications:

The process of digestion of the drugs we take is also done by the liver. There are many well-known and popular over-the-counter drugs that have adverse effects on the liver. From a number of painkillers (including Tylenol) to paracetamol, sleeping pills such as Ambien, and a number of familiar drugs used in neurological diseases are considered harmful to the liver.

Stay Away From Unnecessary Supplements:

Nowadays, it is seen that a chaotic practice of taking supplements has been introduced. Don't take unnecessary supplements by browsing the internet or being influenced by any popular influencer.  From daily food we get the necessary nutrients for our body. Even then, if your body is deficient in any vitamin or mineral, take the supplement as advised by your doctor. Excess supplementation, however, impairs liver function. For example, when you take extra iron supplements, it begins to accumulate in the liver, resulting in reduction of normal workability of the liver. Excessive intake of vitamin A supplements can lead to digestive problems, which indirectly weakens the liver.