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3 Brain Damaging Habits You May Want to Quit

A human brain is a curious machine, and like every machine, it needs regular oiling!

Do you know the number of cells that your brain has?  It’s no lesser than 86 billion.  And all those cells forming the gooey mass inside your skull is that one thing controlling the entirety of your body. So you need to take good care of that!  And to do that, all you need to do is habituate your brains with healthy habits ridding us of unhealthy ones.

Imagine a machine running your body, your life, your logical reasoning, your thoughts, everything… and what kind of care do we provide for a machine that crucial?  Not much.  In fact, many of us don’t even feel that our brain needs some taking care.  Studies have long proved the ill effects of modern lifestyle on our brains.  It chips away our neural pathways, one neuron at a time, making us slower, more stupid, and less creative.

But what can we do to fix that?  Along the way, we have picked up a number of harmful habits that kill our brain cells, and it’s about time for us to be aware of those.  But what are those harmful habits?

The deadly effects of inactivity

The disastrous effects that accompany inactivity have emerged as one of the most difficult challenges ever since remote work became the norm.  People working from home didn’t even leave their bedrooms, which affects the brain.  When we sit and work, we hold our breath for longer, which results in lesser oxygen in the brain and harms our brain chemistry.

Concentration Killer

Every day, we consume a massive amount of information, and that’s not healthy for our brain.  It makes us foggy and challenges focus.  On average, every American consumes around 34 gigabytes of data on a regular basis; that’s 350 per cent growth over the last three decades, and needless to say, it has affected human brains devastatingly.  Our constant sensory inputs are majorly damaging to our brains.

Blasting out loud music

Whether you work out, walk or just work on your laptop, answering emails, there is always some nice music playing in our background, and the volume never stays down.  Sure, all that is uplifting, butut do you know how that affects our brain? It hampers our hearing abilities, majorly.

The hang-ups of digital life are almost always messy for our brain functions.  But it is never too late to correct it and change these habits.

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