3 Common mistake we should avoid while decorating your home office

The increasing remote work practices taught us new things such as spending quality time with the family members, baking cakes and most essentially working efficiently from the home office.

The increasing requirement for a comfortable home office has prompted every one of us to explore new options in order to deck up a proper place to work comfortably. In order to work efficiently and to deliver our best it is utmost essential to set up a perfect home office. Work from home could lead to several inconveniences and distractions. Here come 3 common mistakes that we need to avoid while designing or creating our own home office.

Selecting a wrong corner

Remote working could be stressful as there is an immense scope of distractions that could act as a hurdle from focusing on office work. Yes, selection of the right cornet is extremely necessary; setting the home office in the perfect position could act as a saviour. One of the most common home office mistakes in setting the office position includes selecting the bedroom or the living room, as in these places there are always other family members who will come and share their thoughts with us. Selection of the home office space must be based on an area which is seldom visited by different people, such as the guest room or any other quiet corner of your home.

 Storage space issue

One of the biggest mistakes all of us usually make while designing our home office is not providing adequate importance to the storage space. As an usual office contains hundreds of things which can be accessed at various different points, a home office for remote work should be sufficient enough to store various items. We need to make sure that there are enough desks, boxes, shelves all around the home office to fulfill the official requirements.

Workspace personalization

It has been identified that the majority of the people have a misconception that the office space needs to be monotonous and dull as this is the area where the serious works are being done. At first we need to leave behind such misconceptions as we should design and decorate our home office the way we want it to look, in order to acquire maximum productivity and positivity from the decor. Positive energy and the feel good factor in the home office is immensely essential. To enlighten and add positivity in our workspace we could add our favourite coffee mug, small planters and wall hangings.

So, what’s your plan for decorating your home office?

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