3 DIY Scarf hacks – Quick and stylish

Explore these 3 No-sew fancy hacks to turn a scarf into stylish attire.

We all have at least one oversized scarf in our wardrobes. Reusing, reducing and recycling is the latest trend that has made DIY fashion so interesting. When it comes to styling scarves surely top the list. Here are some scarf hacks that let you turn your scarves into a stunning piece of dress, beachwear or top. You can easily turn your oversized scarf into attire that you can wear all year long. Let’s step up your wardrobe.

Before you make a scarf dress, you need the following:

  • an oversized scarf
  • Pins
  • Accessories like ribbon, buttons, fancy pins and broaches
Here are three different styles you can follow:
  1.     Side shoulder drop bow Top: 
Pick an oversized rectangular scarf, hold the middle of the scarf from where it looks the longest and rest it on one side of your stomach. Wrap it around your tummy and take one end towards the back and bring it to your shoulder, tie a bow like a knot by bringing the other end from the front towards your shoulder. Make sure the knot is fluffy and has a bow-like shape. Make sure you wrap the scarf around your waist like a tank top. Club this top with a pencil skirt, palazzo pants or a skirt.
  1.     Wrap around skirt
Skirts are never out of fashion. Take a bold or a printed scarf and fold it in half before you wrap it around your waist. Now wrap it length-wise around your body, letting the loose ends and corners fall beneath your waist. Tie it on the side like a bow, double knot it, belt it or pin it up. Your skirt is ready to rock. Try wearing cycling short beneath your scarf if the fabric is too sheer.
  1.     Haltered neck top
Looking to wear a chic summer haltered neck top? Take a large scarf and wrap it length-wise exactly how you would wrap a towel. Hold it length-wise across your back closer to your shoulder blades. Now bring the two ends to the front of your neck and cross them from the chest and repeat it. Finally, bring the ends of the scarf around to the back of your neck and tie a pretty knot. You can use pins to secure it.

While these are few hacks we have listed, there are many new ways to tie and style your scarves. Look upon Youtube, or browse those fashion websites to rock your look! Be it summer or winter; scarves are a year-round accessory. So go look for those pretty scarves hanging in your wardrobe and style it your way. Doll up!