3 essential tips before tent camping

Tent Camping is the world’s most inexpensive therapy.

 Yes, you may not get unlimited wifi connectivity, but what you will receive in tent camping is priceless. It includes better connection within the camp members and learning new rhythms in the solitude of woods, in which the wind leaves and birds compose their music.

Practice tent setting

You may think that a tent setup is effortless; yes, it is not very difficult, but everyone cannot be stated like a camping pro; therefore, it is essential to practice setting up the tent. To be prepared for when you are out into the woods, practice setting up the tent in the backyard or the living room a couple of times. It will help you understand the process minutely, but it will also help to pace up the overall process of setting the tent. Therefore on your camping days, you will not end up wasting precious time fussing with the tent poles at the camping.

Prepare the campfire-friendly food ahead of time.

Just because you don’t have access to a proper kitchen in the camping, that doesn’t mean that you won’t crave some delicious food. If you are a foodie and are not excited about eating baked beans or hot dogs on your camping days, you need to plan and prepare some easy meals to make even in the campfire and taste delicious. For example, you could surely make roasted chicken or chicken kebabs ahead and pack it in an airtight box.

Never forget to waterproof your tent.

Yes, the beautiful Mother Nature could bring various surprises; you could never give 100% assurance regarding the upcoming weather in your camping days. It could be freezing, sunny one minute, and you could witness heavy rainfall in the next hour. Yes, this is essential, and you need to get prepared for while camping. To waterproof the tent, you need to buy a can of silicone sealant and spray thoroughly in the tent from top to bottom. Do not forget about the Zippers. Try this process even while practising tent setup at home. It would help if you covered every square inch of the tent with the waterproof spray, and you will be set for camping even in a downpour.

With these tips regarding tent camping, you are almost ready to start your first adventurous camping trip.


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