3 Great Tips For Having Sound Sleep Every Night Without Sleeping Pills

Healthy and nutritious diet plays a key role in helping us sleep at night!

Sleep is important, right? But how much sleep is enough for you? Well, try waking up normally without any alarm sounds. Whenever you naturally wake up, know you’ve had enough sleep for the day! But, how to ensure falling asleep without any external help, i.e. sleeping pills? Sleeping pills may work as a temporary solution to insomnia, but they are not our friends!

Falling Asleep Without Sleeping Pills: Why Is It So Important?

Dependence on sleeping pills is terrible for our health! These are external drugs to force us to fall asleep artificially! The initial calming effect they provide seems to be an instant solution to our anxiety, but it is not a cure for the much bigger problem called insomnia! We need to have a proper diet and daily routine to fall asleep normally. It may seem like a daunting task, especially with such a tight daily schedule that we all have to follow these days, but come on! There are specific ways to accomplish this task. We’ll break down the ways in today’s article, just for you!

Sunlight Exposure

We’re not asking you to get tanned! But, getting enough sunlight every day is essential for a good night’s sleep. See, the hormone melatonin is responsible for a good night’s sleep every night. This hormone is produced at night when we don’t get sun exposure. Why? Because bright sunlight during the day slows down or stops the release of the hormone melatonin. This is how we can bust our brains during the day for a living! Sunlight keeps the hormone melatonin at bay so we don’t feel drowsy while working. This lull in production gives hormones an extra boost at night and thus we fall asleep very easily! So, not getting enough exposure to sunlight disrupts this whole process to a great extent where we have to rely on external drugs to fall asleep! To fall asleep naturally at night, we need to get the melatonin hormone to follow its cycle with bright sunlight!

Follow A Regular Sleep Routine

When we get out of sync with our body’s natural clock, our sleep cycle is automatically compromised. To keep our biological clock ticking, we need to get up at the same time every morning and go to bed at a specific time. Defying the biological clock disrupts our sleep cycle so much that we become dependent on sleeping pills which further disrupt our sleep cycle! So, maintaining our body’s natural clock is very crucial for having a sound sleep.

Digital Addiction

Let’s call this modern life syndrome of ‘staying up late at night scrolling through social media as digital addiction. Simply put, we need to give up our cellphones and laptops at night to get proper sleep. If we are alert and focused at 2 am because of that edge of the seat thriller series, it is impossible for our brains to fall asleep! A strict gadget restriction must be followed for a peaceful, sound night’s sleep.

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