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If you are just beginning to cook these recipes are the perfect to get you started!

Home cooking is now a proper industry, with countless hours of content online by home cooking influencers the scope of making delicious delicacies in the comfort of your home is extremely accessible as all the recipes and instructions are not just a touch away on your smartphone. If you are a beginner, and you harbour an earnest passion for cooking there are many dishes under the sun that you can cook to impress your friends, family or the special someone for an occasion or get together or even week nights. The dishes are Simple yet are compiled from the best chefs around the world, it is purposely made simple even for a beginner and understand how to cook and process these items. All the dishes have ingredients that can be sourced locally and have a good overall nutritional value so that your cooking is truly an experience.

This list contains dishes from all around the world and no particular importance has been placed on a region or cuisine. Some of these dishes are staples in household kitchens and are comfort food for millions of people around the world yet woefully simple to put together. This will surely bring a smile to whoever you choose to serve it to.

Pasta Olio Aglio

As clearly evident by the name the dish hails from Italy and is a comfort food for many people around the world the dish is extremely easy to put together and tastes heavenly at any time in the day the ingredients needed are in the name of the dish itself only spaghetti, olive oil and garlic will do the trick for this dish and if cooked in properly following any authentic recipe will surely make your taste buds explode with extreme joy and satisfaction.

Fried Rice

A classic dish with the southeast Asian influence, fried rice is something that is simple yet satiating this the only dish that has capability of being simple yet opulent at the same time there is no recipe for fried rice it a one pot dish which is usually cooked with leftovers one can endlessly experiment with fried rice as it is one of the most easily put together dishes that will give you the effect of being full but also satisfy your craving for something gourmet.

Fried Chicken

This dish is most popular in the southern part of the United States and has originated as soul food, but there are many iterations of it in other countries that have their own versions of this dish. You can mix and match this dish to come up with the version that suits you best.