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3 Reasons Why We Should Maintain The Balance Of Natural Resources

Only the personal awareness of all can save mankind from extinction!

The store of natural resources in the heart of nature is essential for our survival. We meet our daily needs by using various natural resources including coal, wind, water, sunlight etc. However, since the amount of natural resources other than sunlight and wind is limited, mankind needs to carefully control the use of natural resources to survive and save the planet.

Maintaining The Balance Of Natural Resources

Conserving natural resources is important for maintaining the balance of our environmental ecology. Growing populations have become a major problem around the world today. With this huge population growth, the use and waste of natural resources is increasing at an alarming rate. The ongoing system of establishing a world monopoly governed by the capitalist economic structure is particularly responsible for this disorder. This financial model encourages people to use more natural resources in exchange for more money instead of motivating them to live frugally. As a result, while the use of natural resources is increasing rapidly, the overuse of natural resources by the rich is also depriving the poor of access to much-needed natural resources.

To Ensure Equality

Many people nowadays have AC in their house which gives them comfort in summer. Factories, shopping malls or reputed schools today are usually air-conditioned. Meanwhile, running AC damages the atmosphere and raises the ambient temperature. Suppose you can afford to use AC but those who do not are suffering from overheating due to your personal comfort.

To Save Our Future Generation

Indiscriminate use of natural resources is rapidly depleting the world’s mineral reservoir and global warming is increasing due to overproduction in accordance with capitalist economic conditions. Although capitalism promises us a ‘luxurious’ lifestyle, it does not inform us of the dangers associated with it. As a result, most people are not aware of reducing their own carbon footprint.

To Retain Biodiversity

Apart from humans, many of the animals and birds that exist on this earth have become extinct today due to human arbitrariness. If we can’t keep the rest alive, mankind can’t survive. By protecting the environment, by protecting various animals, birds, insects and genomes, people will be able to survive. The covid pandemic has shown us that if animals and birds are removed from their normal habitat, if their normal coexistence is disrupted, its effects can wipe out humans in the blink of an eye. Every creature has a direct or indirect contribution to the conservation of nature’s natural resources, no matter how small the size of the organism.

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