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3 secrets of the universe that will change your life

If you think everything is an open book, there are secrets to this mother of secrets – the universe!

It’s an open secret now, that our good old life is just all about playing the long game. Let’s uncover those rare and valuable information about your life that has the power to transform the narrative you tell yourself.

Secret number one

every little thing is hollow and devoid meaning until we ingest meaning into it. We have to be the one taking the initiative to really assert meanings into things, so that they get a life of their own. Life remains absolutely meaningless if we fail to infuse this ordeal of a journey with meaning. Think about all the things that are taking place right now, as we speak, in the world, changing its course, the course of history. All the wars that have gotten us into this constant fear psychosis, the plagues and pandemics, the inflation, all of it. People assert fear with these happening, they are the horrors of humanity that runs the world.

But let’s change our lens here, to this fact, how are we letting fear run us? If the system itself is losing its meaning, it is about time for us to assert meaning to all the hollowed out acts of horror and fear. It’s time for the world to wake up and let hope run it. It depends on what we choose to look at, the fear or the hope. If we are the ones asserting meanings then it’s time for us to assert the meanings that add to hope rather than fear.

Secret number two

this massive universe relies on a fine balancing act. This complex system of the cosmos ensures that there has to be a balance between everything that exists. If and when there is too much of something, rest assured a balancing force is afoot.

This is precisely the reason why we often lose our power more and more when we obsess over having control over our lives. When we want something too much, we always end up pushing it away.

Secret number three

life is too short to not live our best lives. Life apparently feels very long when we start this journey, but when you think hard about it, within a hundred years we will all be dead. We all are here for a very short amount of time. We all will eventually accept death, but we need to live first. Not everyone gets to live before they embrace death. Let’s live first.

Hope the above three secrets will help you in the long game.

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