Published By: Sougata Dutta

3 Signs Of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship

A sudden withdrawal from situations just to assert agency on a partner is a very sign of emotional abuse!

Being emotionally abused in a relationship by the other partner is one of the most painful experiences, yet it is not talked about much. Because the characteristics and early signs of emotional abuse are so subtle that it is often easy for the victim to ignore it and continue in the abusive relationship! Sounds scary, right? Being emotionally abused is a very difficult thing to deal with in the first place. In today's article, we will try to find a clear path on how an emotionally abused person can finally break the chains by setting oneself free from the captivity of the abuser.

Identifying Emotional Abuse With 3 Simple Signs

If you are in a relationship with a manipulator, it is very likely that the person feels that romantic feelings should be displayed with fear and that they should have agency over the other person's life. Often, emotional abuse is used to convey authority, but it can also be a sign of disinterest or neglect of the other person. So, instead of getting stuck in the process of being mentally abused for a long time and losing control over personal senses, it is advisable to pay attention right after the onset of symptoms.


Indifference comes in many types and forms. Sometimes, there are small things that can make a relationship beautiful. A simple moment can become memorable for a lifetime if both parties are into each other, pay attention to each other's needs. When a partner doesn't care about the needs or happiness of the other, when a partner purposely stays aloof from moments that could otherwise make the relationship more valuable and vibrant, he or she can be called indifferent. In this situation, you are being violated of your worth and you can surely be termed as a victim of emotional abuse.


We humans are not picture-perfect souls. We are all prone to make mistakes. But, we admit our mistakes, we correct ourselves and we move on. This is how life goes. Criticism and complaints are negative tools that cannot be used by loved ones. In an abusive relationship, accusations are used to break one down emotionally and often make the victim start indulging in guilt-tripping that leads to zero self-confidence and over-dependence on the partner.

Lack Of Support

With the right kind of support and encouragement we can reach the moon and the sky! People can do amazing things if they have confidence. This confidence comes from the support and appreciation of our loved ones. After all, what are we if not for our loved ones! When a relationship lacks support, one cannot achieve anything according to one's abilities and talents. Many people, especially women, give up careers and opportunities just to please their partners. A person cannot continue working if there is a constant barrage of unsupportive behavior at home. Having an unsupportive partner is one of the biggest pains in a romantic relationship that should never be endured.