Published By: Sougata Dutta

3 Ways To Make Our Society Accessible For People With Disabilities

Everyone needs to be treated equally for an all-encompassing diverse society!

Disability has always been a taboo for our society. People see persons with disabilities as different or less able than able-bodied persons. Persons with disabilities are mostly shunned by society in every aspect, be it employment, education or even basic cordial interaction. They get vilified in social premises with almost no one to back them up.

Need Of Accessibilities For Disabled Population :

In this unjust and unfair situation that the persons with disabilities are made to live in, there is a dire need for accessibility and inclusiveness dedicated towards the PWD community. This inclusive society will help them gain importance as humans and make them confident about their worth. But it is easier said than done. One has to be determined to the cause and dedicated to the welfare of the PWD community to make it work. Here we are going to talk about 3 most important ways the government and society as a whole can make this dream of an accessible society a reality.

Employment Accessibility:

The most important aspect of making progress in our society is to be financially independent and for that the employment sector needs to be accessible at any cost.

Some employers don't hire pwd people because they don't have faith in the ability of the pwd community and instead of taking an unbiased recruitment process, they just reject them based on prejudices. On the other hand, some employers don't want to spend money on giving disabled employees reasonable accommodation and equipment needed to make the environment accessible for them. Government should start some schemes for financial assistance of PWDs in the job sector or increase the minimum quota for them in the employment sector.

Educational Accessibility:

Education is a basic human right. Unfortunately the infrastructure doesn't support unhindered access to pwd students with ease. Most of the classrooms are devoid of instruments needed for various impaired students. Like a braille system for visually impaired or hearing aids for speech impaired students. The environment of the educational institutions also needs to be accessible. Dedicated and compassionate classroom teachers are needed to be assigned for the proper education of the disabled children. Governments also need to release funds to contribute towards creating an accessible society.

Upward Representations In Business And Media:

Politics is one of those areas which is very lowly occupied by the persons with disabilities. The system needs to give chances to more persons with disabilities as leaders. This will break the stereotype and inspire the PWD community as well as normalize their existence to able-bodied persons. We have seen many movies on disabled characters where the characters are played by actors who are not disabled themselves. This is utter discrimination on PWD community and this needs to be stopped. Actors from the PWD spectrum need to be given an equal and unfair chance to play the role that they connect with in real life. Similarly, in business sectors too, the pwd representation should be supported by government as well as private organizations. Startups with disabled people should be given some financial assistance for encouragement. These successes can inspire a whole generation of PWD people to venture in business and make their place known to the world.