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3 Ways to Neutralize Heart’s Feelings

How do we neutralize our heart’s feelings? Here are three ways – Meditation, Worry Fasting and Self-control

Here are three unusual ideas that you can follow each week to change your outlook on life. Each of these processes can be easily integrated into your life.

Follow these three unique ideas to live your life mindfully and become a better version of yourself.


Let’s all remember that reason always follows feeling. We are wired in a way that we respond to the world through the lenses of our feelings, which is immediately followed by our intellect. For example, when you feel tired but still want to watch a movie, your mind will give you a hundred ideas about why watching a movie is a good idea even when you are tired. Now we understand that if the heart’s feelings are unfulfilled we are bound to feel agitated and restless. The mind will always follow the heart’s whims. This is where meditation comes. Meditation is that miraculous process that makes you habituated with your feelings and helps you navigate them so that you don’t get into the whirlpool of feelings. When you meditate, you calm your heart’s feelings and your feelings let go of the control over your mind. It helps you get rid of distractions.

Worry Fasting: 

There is a lot of information out there about the benefits of fasting. Overall, the idea is to get your body rid of all the toxins it has accumulated so it can give your body a bit of rest from this constant process of digestion. It’s a much needed break that your body deserves. But here’s a twist. What we are suggesting here is not a fasting for the body, it’s a fasting for your mind. It’s called “worry fast”. What is that? A worry fast is the process that you follow when you decide to not worry about anything for a set period of time. If you suddenly feel stressed, just take a few hours in the morning and just tell yourself, I will not worry about anything from this moment onwards until I wake up at 9 am. If you keep on doing it regularly, not worrying will become a habit.

Self Control:

Self control is a magical tool, it teaches you to have a tap on your feelings and not let them drive you astray, while also teaching you that you need to use your heart to understand what others around you might be trying to convey to you. When you think about others, don’t analyze their actions, rather use your heart’s feelings, listen to what it says, feel it. This process will help you have proper self control and you will never be rattled, ever.

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