4 best national parks to visit in Gujarat

Gujarat’s national parks offer an excellent opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of nature.

Blessed with incredible geographical versatility, Gujarat is one of the most elegant states in India. The state is home to majestic hill stations, gorgeous beaches, massive architecture, and sacred temples that draw the attention of tourists from all across the world. Besides, there are also several national parks that seem like heaven for all the wildlife as well as nature lovers out there. The vast lands comprising of forests transport the visitors to a surreal world altogether. Also, you may spot a lot of animal species roaming around in their natural habitats. On the other hand, these parks provide shelters to a wide range of birds that you can watch for hours. Below, we have listed the four most spectacular national parks that you cannot afford to miss in Gujarat.

Gir National Park: Gir National Park is recognized as the only home for Asiatic lions on earth. Spreading over a vast land of 1412 square kilometers, this park also has fox, leopard, hyena, deer, wild boar, etc. along with more than 300 species of birds. Also, the views of surrounding hills from there are magnificent in the truest sense of the term. For the best experience, visit Gir sometime between December to March.

Marine National Park: Opened as a national park in 1982, Marine National Park is located in the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat. The entire area is divided into three separate sections – the coastal sea, the mangrove backwaters, and the salty marshlands. Here, you can spot marine animals such as corals, mollusks, sponges, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and a variety of fishes. The park becomes a lot more appealing during winter.

Vansda National Park: Vansda National Park once served as the private property of the Maharaja of Vansda, hence the name! Located in Gujarat’s Navsari district, this park is extremely dense with an abundance of tropical trees and plants. It is home to various wildlife species such as hyenas, leopards, wild cats, wild deers, and more. On the other hand, it’s also a must-visit destination for all the avid birders out there.

Velavadar National Park: Founded in 1976, Velavadar National Park is located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. The park once served as the hunting ground for the royals of Bhavnagar Princely State. It is mostly famous for being home to more than 3000 blackbucks. In addition to that, there are also many other animals such as fox, wolf, jackal, wild pigs, wild cats, etc. along with hundreds of bird species. Make sure to hire a guide to get better experiences.

So, visitat least one of the above-mentioned national parks on your Gujarat trip and explore the wonders of mother nature.

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