4 Binge Worthy Detective Shows

Are you a murder mystery lover, wanting to unwind after a whole day’s work? Or simply feeling lazy and wanting to snuggle into bed and binge-watch something?  Here are four detective shows for you!

Shetland ( Netflix)-  A classic whodunnit, the plots revolve around gruesome murders in the Scottish island of Shetland, an island with a small but cohesive community. Navigating this close-knit community, DI Perez, Sergeant Alison Macin(Tosh), Sandy and Billy find themselves amidst mysterious trails, precipitated by suspicious deaths. As the plot unravels, they encounter gangs involved in sex trafficking, drug cartels, Nazi cults, and complicated family politics.  Witty exchanges between the detectives and insights into their personal lives make for a compelling watch.

Sherlock ( Netflix)- This series features the legendary detective of Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes invented by Arthur Conan Doyle, placed in a contemporary context. Amidst a dramatized modernistic setting with the use of advanced technology, an aspect not featured in the original books, the masterful act of deduction that Doyle described in his novels and much of the intrigues are accommodated in this show. This remake is perfect for those seeking an introduction to Sherlock Holmes as well as readers revisiting Doyle’s narratives! The splendid scenography of the gloomy London streets and the suspenseful background music makes it an enthralling watch.

Mare of Easttown(Disney+Hotstar)- This show depicts a suburb of Philadelphia(USA),Easttown where a young girl, Erin is found dead. Previously, there was a disappearance of another girl, Katie Bailey. A detective, Mare, played by Kate Winslet, who has a complicated family history herself, races against time and faces considerable pressure from the community to investigate the circumstances of the girl’s death and the disappearance of Katie! This fabulously cast, nerve-wracking show additionally reveals the dark side of American society and sends the viewer into an emotional rollercoaster as each episode unfolds.

Strike(Disney+Hotstar)- Although readers of Robert Galbraith’s( JK Rowling) Strike series will find the show lacking details given in thebook, this show is engrossing in terms acting and unique plot-lines. Robin Ellacott and Cormoran Strike, the two protagonists, are engaged in solving grimy crimes, encountering the dark world of models, writers and dirtypolitics.Central to the plot isthe personal lives of Robin and Cormoran, their individual struggles, family/relationship problems, work-life balance issues, and finally their unique bonding.

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