Published By: Shreya Ghai

4 Common workplace problems and tips to deal with them

Problems in the workplace can be challenging. Here are a few tips to solve them. 

 Every workplace comes with both good and difficult co-workers. While the good ones always keep you motivated and happy, unfortunately, it's not the same with the difficult ones. They often try to bring you down, which adds up to your stress. Problems at the workplace should be resolved and tackled smartly and quickly, as you end up spending most of your time at your workplace. You would surely not want to crib all day. We have addressed 4 Common workplace problems and Tips to deal with these difficult situations.

  1. Stay Calm but be Direct 
It doesn't matter how nice and flexible you are with your co-workers; there will always be someone you don't get along with. Not everyone is fit for each other’s personalities, and you don't have to stress over it. If you don’t get along with a co-worker, and you feel he/she tries to bring you down or is creating problems for you at work. Be direct; address the problem as soon as it comes. You don't have to be rude, be polite, STAY CALM and try to sort it out by talking face to face rather than talking through others. If the problem persists, you may ask your senior or HR to intervene. 
  1. Workplace Bully
Do you feel bullied at work directly or indirectly? Feeling intimidated, not feeling comfortable around a specific co-worker, or feeling to skip work often may be signs that you feel bullied. If someone is often insulting you, screaming at you or criticizing your work for no reason, you need to stop sulking and put an end to it smartly! Be bold enough to acknowledge it. To cope with it, try documenting everything possible to take it to higher management if required. Do what is to be done about it without giving it a second thought. Never let them make it a habit. Stop them on the very first time rather than stressing over it and choosing to ignore and remaining quiet about it unless you are left with no choice but to complain.
  1. Dealing with a Bad Boss
Bad managers and bosses are one of the top reasons people often quit their job. While there are so many problems at work, which you still manage to escape or get hold of, dealing with a wrong boss is a major concern. It directly harms your work quality and productivity because you are aware of your boss’s dislike towards you or when you know he/ she will not be there to guide you or help you with constant inputs you cannot work with a free mind. You will always have a fear in your head. While it seems tough to solve this problem but with effective communication skills, you can certainly build some common roads between your boss and you. Be more communicative, recognize problems and come up with solutions. If things still look bad, A job change looks like a wise option.
  1. Too much work
If your working hours are more than usual, it's surely because you are overloaded with work. Though it's good to allow yourself to explore multiple job roles, it isn't good to let anyone exploit you at work. A little extra work doesn't harm, but if it is getting too much, you surely need to come up with a solution. Learn to say NO to what you can't work on rather than just taking it up to remain in good books. While for what you already have on the table, be more organized. Plan your work step by step and make sure to follow it. We bet it will surely get so much easier for you and save you from work stress.

Along with these tips also remember to: 

  • Stay calm
  • Focus
  • Breathe
  • Take a walk 
  • Stay around positive co-workers
  • Maintain your body language
  • Be present
In a nutshell, be mindful and self-aware. It is important to know what is going around you and work and act upon it accordingly. You will never have difficulties to deal with workplace challenges; even if you do, we are sure this article would inspire you to stand up for yourself.

Be Brave!