Published By: Nirtika Pandita

4 different and creative ways of upcycling plastic

Being responsible doesn’t take much, especially when it comes to plastic.

There is no dearth of plastic on planet Earth. The whole world is coming out in full force in not using plastic and in many ways is trying to upcycle plastic. While there have been beach, mangroves, and land forest clean-ups with the aim to make the land free of plastic as it also harms animals. Since most plastic waste lands up in the landfill there are ways of using the plastic that comes into our homes. With no bound to creativity, here are various ways one can use plastic at home and save it from going into the stomachs of animals.

Plastic bottle planter holder

One of the easiest ways of putting the plastic bottles that land up in the kitchens is to make them into plant holders. They are easy to make, hang and store the plants around. One can paint them in different colours and make designs to suit the interiors. Cut a bunch of long plastic bottles from the stomach leaving the cap and the bottom of the bottle intact. Poke tiny holes in the bottle from the bottom, opposite from the cut mud will be stored. Tie ropes around and hang them vertically creating a design.

Plastic bottle mobile

The best part about using plastic bottles is that they can be painted in colours of choice and made to look super attractive. One can also make flower-styled plastic bottle mobile. Begin by cutting the tops off of the bottle and cutting the edges into petals, making the bottle top resemble a closed crocus flower. If painting is not in mind, one can also glue some colourful tissue paper.

Zipper holders

The coolest way of upcycling plastic bottles is making them into no-sew zip holders, which can be used to hold pencils, pens, make-up brushes, or long items. Begin by making the top removable so just cut the bottle a few inches from the top. Then stick a zipper to both edges using hot glue since it is plastic, using the bottom section of the different bottles to make the top making a zipper out of it.

Bottle bird feeder

While making plant holders is a common way of transforming plastic bottles, another way is converting them into bird feeders. Begin by cutting holes in the sides of the bottle and then poke wooden spoons through them. The outer part of the wooden spoon will serve as perches and feed catchers. Make sure that the spoons are slightly slanted downward. Fill the bottle with the feed and hand it to the birds.

A few other ways of converting plastic bottles are recycled wind chimes, cell phone chargers, and toothpaste holders.