4 Easy Ways To Remove Kajal From Eyes

Kajal can be a nuisance when removing it after a day. So here are some easy ways to remove kajal without smudging it.

Most women swear by kajal as one of their must-have beauty essentials. Who wouldn’t desire something so convenient and silky to enhance the appearance of their eyes? However, we can all agree that removing kajal and other eye makeup before bedtime is the principal disadvantage of using such products. With the first suds of face wash, you may forget about your foundation, concealer, and lipstick, but kajal will only run down your face and make you look like a raccoon. We want to help you overcome your phobia of applying kajal because you worry you won’t be able to get it in time. Some tried, and proper methods for removing kajal with a single motion and no eye irritation are detailed below. What follows is worth your time.


Using vaseline as a makeup remover is a cheap and easy way to eliminate stubborn kajal. When conventional face wash fails to remove stubborn kajal stains around the eyes, the oil-based emollient vaseline comes in handy. Using vaseline is the easiest way to safely remove kajal without damaging your makeup. Vaseline gel may also be used to nourish your eyelashes, making them thicker and fuller. Remove your kajal by wiping your eyes with vaseline-coated hands. Remove any remaining residue with a gentle detergent.


Rosewater has always been the gold standard for facial washing and makeup removal. Kajal smudges are no match for this mild yet effective substance. Rosewater is a healthy and gentle alternative to Micellar water if you find yourself in a pinch. The kajal will be gently removed without any irritation to your eyes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonderfully as a makeup remover and as a cleanser. Kajal is a very efficient makeup remover, which may be rapidly and easily removed from the eyes. The anti-drying and anti-flaking qualities of olive oil also benefit your eyes. Cotton swabs or Q-tip with a drop or two of olive oil on it will do the trick. Be careful not to smear your eyes when removing the kajal. A gentle massage with this oil into the eyes may also remove kajal.

Cleansing Milk

Using a few droplets of cleaning milk is an easy and painless way to remove kajal from the eyes. Cleansing milk may do more than just wash away your makeup; it may also eliminate dirt and pollution from your skin. The formula is gentle enough for regular use yet excellent in cleansing the face of grime and makeup.


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