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4 Foods To Eat After A Hefty Workout

A balanced diet after gymming is your way to be healthy!

When we exercise, we lose a lot of carbohydrates, that’s stored in our muscles in the form of glycogen. It is especially important for those who do weight training to get enough protein after exercise.  Since only a balanced diet provides our body with essential nutrients, muscle loss can occur if we do not eat enough protein and carbohydrate rich foods after cardio or core strengthening exercises like cycling, running or swimming.

Post Workout Meal: Why Is It Important?

It is recommended to eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates to strengthen the body within 40 minutes of heavy exercise. You need to eat a healthy diet to regain the energy that is lost from the body during exercise. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals must be included in the diet adopted for post-exercise muscle repair, regardless of your dietary choices such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian.  However, many people avoid carbohydrates to control their weight.  Which is absolutely detrimental for their overall health. To restore glycogen loss during exercise, carbohydrates such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat, whole grain bread, bread, red rice or seasonal fruit should be taken as soon as possible after the end of the workout. Also, since insulin plays an important role in aiding glycogen synthesis, combining protein with carbohydrates to increase insulin secretion will provide a high quality post-workout holistic diet.

Protein Bars, Shakes And Cookies:

The easiest way to consume protein quickly after exercise is to take it in the form of readily available shakes, bars and cookies. However, many marketed protein bars and shakes contain excessively harmful preservatives, flavors, and high-calorie white sugar. Therefore, when buying a protein bar or shake, you should always go for a trusted and well-known brand.


Eating eggs is very effective in replenishing the body’s required protein storage after exercise. Eat it in the form of half boiled, hard-boiled or scrambled. Just remember, doctors always recommend eating whole eggs to strengthen the muscles after exercise. So it is beneficial to eat whole eggs including yolks for essential nutrients, not just the white part.


After a muscle building workout, probiotic rich yogurt is very suitable for increasing muscle strength. You can eat homemade yogurt or Greek yogurt, both of which are equally beneficial. Also, if you tend to crave for something sweet after a hefty gym session, mix protein powder and seasonal fruit with yogurt to enjoy a sustainable but delicious meal.

Grilled Fish:

Since oily marine fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, you can always have them as a perfect post-workout food. You can either sauté the fish with a little butter or you can bake the fish in the oven. With your grilled fish, add two slices of whole grain bread, combine cucumber, carrot and tomato to make a salad and try yogurt as a dessert. This will not just fill your stomach, but will also fuel your muscle strength.

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