Published By: Jayati


Kolkata, or Calcutta as it was formerly known, is not only a city of joy it is also a time capsule to another era, the city houses classic examples of colonial architecture!

During British occupation the city was the capital of the country, being a port city it was the center of trade and other military operations, it was also home to the headquarters of many government offices. It was one of the first metropolitan cities in the country. Today it is no longer the capital but it still has remnants from the colonial era some withered and rundown some intact in their original form, this list contains sites from all over the city and will be very interesting to visit for any enthusiast of historical architecture.

Princep Ghat on the Bank of the Ganges

One of the most sought-after historical locations is Princep Ghat, located on the banks of the river Hooghly, it houses an old memorial with long white pillars in which sections are carved for beautification. It will be a treat for people visiting as in the surrounding areas one can see old ports and the city with two iconic bridges on either side of it.

Writer’s Building in the Centre of the City

Adorning the iconic red color, it has been the office of reigning governments for a century until recently it houses long hallways and high ceilings and is one of the most well-preserved buildings from the colonial era, walking around it will give one the essence of grandeur even present in outer crevices of the building and going to the interior will transport straight to the nineteenth century.

The Indian Museum Among the Relics of history

The Oldest Museum in the continent, the Indian Museum, has 19th-century architecture from the lobby to the innermost rooms. A visit to the museum will quite literally take you back in time not only because of what is on display but also because the very building the items are placed in is an integral part of history as well. Long Pillars and high ceilings are common features that can be spotted here too.

National Library right next to the Zoo

Believed by locals to be haunted! the national library is one of a kind, so massive in size that it can be very intimidating upon first visit. This shouldn’t detour you from not visiting because the experience is one of a kind. From the tall shelves hanging lights and large Colonial Sculptures laden all over the surrounding area of the national library, it is a must-visit for the people seeking an authentic flavor of the city.