4 Irresistible And Uncommon Flooring Ideas

Here are some of the classiest flooring ideas to make your room like super classy and stylish.

When you think of renovating your house, you mainly focus on the roof and the walls. However the flooring of your house has a lot of say in how your house will actually look. For example, marble flooring can add that chic look to your room without investing in huge decorative items. Marble tile flooring is a terrific investment since it improves the aesthetic appeal of a property and increases its resale value. Here in this article are some of the most popular flooring ideas to give your room a brand new look. Read on to know them all.

White Oak

With its subtle tones, slick finish, and uncanny resemblance to wood, the marble tile provides a calming atmosphere. White Oak Marble’s linear veining is reminiscent of real wood, but its superior water resistance and low maintenance requirements put it ahead of its more authentic inspiration. You can use this floor in areas without much natural lighting to keep the room reflect the yellow light from the tinted bulbs.

Dark-Stained Beech

Gray Oak Limestone is another wood-like tile that comes in plank sizes. As an insert amongst another flooring alternative, also made of marble, as illustrated here. It goes nicely with a variety of flooring types. This is proof that not all of a floor needs to be tiled in marble for it to make a statement. You can use this tile for the whole house and it will still give each room their unique appeal.

Black Oak

The black backdrop of Black Oak Marble contrasts dramatically with the white veining throughout. You can try it as a beautiful bathroom floor and enjoy the pattern’s linear nature lending itself to inventive installations like tile placement at random. The end effect is daring and unmistakably truly unique.

Deep Blue

Given that it looks nothing like traditional marble, Ocean Blue Tile is sure to catch people’s attention. The blue-gray tones and white and taupe hues of this natural stone become the scene-stealer in the home kitchen. Warm golden-beige & peach with white, grey, and brown veining making neutral tones interesting. The modern living area features sleek grey and white furnishings that contrast beautifully with the white marble flooring. Marble floors are truly irreplaceable once a person falls in love with them.


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