4 Life lessons you can learn from video games

Your favourite video games have hidden life lessons within them.

Our parents have always taught us to be mindful of video games, as they can harm our well-being and productivity. However, video games have life lessons hidden within them. Some of you might be snickering or snorting on this statement. But we would request you to keep an open mind.

Below are some life lessons video games can teach.

  1. Don’t trust strangers

As kids, we are taught to not take anything or talk to strangers. But while growing up, we end up meeting people and making good friends. Slowly, we get accustomed to encouraging and trusting people and start to feel comfortable in the community.

That also applies to the gaming world. We end up trusting strangers online leading them to steal our goods and equipment in the gaming world. This teaches us that there are many people online who will use our trusting nature against us.

  1. Setting goals

In games, the goals are set which you need to achieve via experience points, gold or rank. All this information helps you track your progress and ensure you are in a constant state of growth.

It also helps apply in real life, as you get used to tracking your progress and small achievements to accomplish the bigger life goals.

  1. Getting back up after a failure

To become great at a game, you will need to know the rules and develop the necessary skills that include timing, resource allocation and more. To achieve it, you will fail miserable a bunch of times. Sometimes you will have to start an entirely new level or even die in the game. But you still keep playing the game to win.

Soon, without realizing it, you start applying this lesson in other aspects of your life too. You will develop focus and patience to go through life’s challenges, just like a game.

  1. Going outside the comfort zone

In games, you have to leave no stone unturned, chest unopened or vase unbroken. If you do end up leaving them, you might go back to add that extra point in your skill. Some games also reward you for exploring outside their set path.

This has a direct connection to going outside the comfort zone in real life to find hidden and untold treasures. Rewards can range from a new career opportunity or a personal connection that changes your life. You won’t know it until you go out and explore.


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