4 Mistakes We Make While Buying Shoes That Make Our Feet Suffer

Need the perfect pair of shoes? We have the tricks to keep all shoe problems at bay.

Everyone should have that “Cinderella moment” when they try on a pair of shoes and they actually fit. It’s important to get the appropriate size when purchasing shoes, whether you’re doing it virtually or physically. Most of us, unfortunately, just think about the clothing size when we go shoe shopping, but other factors, such as the shoe’s form, material, width, even the time of day you put them on, may have a major impact on how well they fit. If you want to learn about them, keep reading!

Ignoring the Need for Inserts

It’s commonly held that only people with foot ailments or difficulties should wear insoles. If you’re on your feet all day, gel pads might be a lifesaver. But heel implants provide cushioning for your feet, which would be especially welcome as you age. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing some insoles.

Not Changing Your Shoes

No matter how much you love your favorite pair of shoes, you shouldn’t feel obligated to wear these every day. That has nothing to do with style despite how it might sound at first. Every day, you should switch your shoes around so that the soles can dry out from your sweat. Repeatedly using the same shoes causes pain because they eventually wear out at the same spots, usually the insoles.

Not Taking Feet’s Measurement

Knowing your specific foot size might help you choose the perfect pair of shoes. When shopping for shoes, it’s best to go by the original length of foot rather than by the numbers on the box because brands use different size schemes. It’s also important to keep in mind that your foot size might change even as an adult, whether from pregnancy as well as weight gain. This means that the best way to ensure you find the right pair of shoes is to have your feet measured within the last year.

Ignoring Sole Material Quality Checks

The comfort of the shoe is also exceptionally important and should be carefully observed. While the flexibility and stress absorption of a rubber sole make it a great choice for sports shoes, it is not a suitable choice for the colder months. Faux leather soles, with their gleam and pliability, are a shoe wearer’s dream. The extra perk is that when you touch them with your index finger, they make a loud, satisfying sound. Polyurethane soles are non-slip and flexible, so you won’t hurt your feet if you run over them.


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