4 movies to watch on your next camping trip

Are you someone who loves going on camping trips with family and friends? If yes then you must know about the importance of watching films at nights for extra fun on these trips

Several people wait for summer only to go on long or short camping trips with family and friends. Going to a camping site with your loved ones is an adventure in itself. The fun of setting up tents and staying up all night watching films is as fun as it gets. While most of the camping films turn out to be horror ones, some are also fun and entertaining to watch with family. So if you too are planning a camping trip the coming summer, here are some movie recommendations that you will absolutely love. Read on to find out…

Camp Rock

Starting the list with an honest and teenage film, Camp Rock is a Disney classic. This one is for those 90s kids to live on nostalgia. Starring Disney stars Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, this is perfect for a light watch if you’re on a girls camping trip and want something to make you go AWW!

We’re the Millers

If what you want is laughter and fun during your camping trip, then go for this one without a thought in your head! It is a hilarious comedy/crime which revolves around a man who hires a bunch of people to act as his fake family and what follows is extremely fun to watch! Watch this if you’re on a camping trip with your buddies and want to have some light fun!


If you want inspiration for some extra adventure during your camping trip, then this film is highly recommended. Starring Reese Witherspoon, this film has won several awards and is a massive inspiration for everyone who loves exploring and wants to go ahead without any fear. You will surely not be disheartened after this one.

Friday the 13th

The list has to have a scary film otherwise it won’t do justice to the title at all. The film surrounds a mysterious killer who starts killing campers and camp counselors. It even makes for a great campfire story! You can either watch the original one that was released in 1980 or the reboot that was released in 2009.

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