4 Must-Have Yoga Equipment for Beginners

Warming up to take up yoga as your daily dose of workout? Here is every essential equipment you will need to get started with.

When we think of yoga as an exercise, there are ample researches to prove it is one of the most stress-relieving workout ever. Not only is it practical to do at your home, but it is also cost-effective and easy to get all your equipment. Here are all the gears you need to get started to be a yoga champion!

  1. The Right Clothes-

Even though you might think buying expensive merchandise is going to do wonder, truth is you need to stick to something comfortable and stretchy. The more breathable the material, the better it is for your purpose. Here are some everyday things you can choose easily from-

If you are ever in doubt what to choose for bottoms, get a pair of coloured stretchy pants. The sturdy material will make it long-lasting and help you practice all the poses effortlessly. You have a range of options from joggers, shorts, leggings to be content in.

When it comes to tops, get yourself a perfectly fitting top to make your bending poses comfortable. If you sweat a lot, stick to a thinner material to keep your skin from getting overheated. Since yoga is generally appreciated in the open air, stick to clothes that you don’t catch a cold in.

For girls in long hair, keep a headband handy for hair falling over your shoulders in the sweat can trigger you more than you think.

Although yoga brings you closer to the nature side of life and it is preferable to do it barefoot, if you are uncomfortable practising without shoes, keep cotton socks handy for the beginning till you can live without them.

  1. Yoga Mat-

One thing which you will be in dire need of is the yoga mat. You can practice on blanket and carpet, but in the long run, you will feel yoga mats are what it is designed for. It keeps you in place without letting you slip from your position. The slight cushioning also helps you in comfortably exercising on a hard floor.

  1. Blanket-

As a beginner to learn certain poses, you might need a bunch of folded blankets to keep you in the right place. Be it lifting your knees, keeping your back up, or resting your head, once you master the positions you can do without the help of them.

  1. A Mat Bag-

When practising outside, you might feel your hands are full carrying a water bottle, your yoga mat roll and other essentials that help you exercise, in such a situation carrying a sling mat bag can help you keep your hands free while going to your yoga studio.

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