4 Must-try French pastries

If you are looking for an exquisite delicious dessert, no one does it quite like the French!  Their pastries are so refined and delicious! For those who love cakes and desserts, these 4 French desserts are a must-try –


An éclair is a pastry made with choux dough filled with cream and topped with flavored icing. The dough is the same as used for profiterole. These pastries are available in many flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. These gobsmacking desserts melt in your mouth and are sure to make you crave more. Take a bite and it’s all fluffy cream, yet so light, when prepared the right way. This is one of the most popular desserts in the world, and appeals to people preferring different flavors!


Also known as Napoleon, the millefeuille is a pastry that is composed of a series of layers of flake pastry, with cream, in alternation. This is usually available in a classic version, although some places do serve up the chocolate version. This pastry has up to a hundred layers, when prepared authentically, but is so light! They are delicious to eat, so well balanced, and creamy. All you need is a bite to be invested in this delicious dessert.


This French dessert is a meringue-based confection, made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food coloring. These desserts are like cookies, with delicious fillings, using ganache or cream. These are of different flavors and are so colorful to look at. These are a treat for those with a sweet tooth! Even for those who do not prefer it due to it perhaps being “too sweet”, it is still extremely pleasing to just see them displayed in a bakery. These are usually colorful, and add a certain aesthetic appeal to the bakeries as well. However, for most, this is a much-loved dessert!


The French dish- crepes, is like a thin pancake. They are usually stuffed with different items. These can be savory or sweet. One of the fan favorites, is probably crepes stuffed with sweet items, such as Nutella , or cream. These can be had as a dessert, and are perfect for someone looking to have a quick bite or to end their meal. They’re delicious, well-balanced,, and extremely light! They make the perfect dessert.

So is your mouth watering yet?

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