4 Must-visit bookstores in Thailand

Visit these bookstores during your trip to Thailand.

Bangkok was named UNESCO’s World Book Capital in 2013 for the presence of a vibrant literary culture accessible to varied interest, age, demographics and philosophies. Cities across the country have several bookstores that stock a range of titles to indulge in some holiday reads.

Here is a list of bookstores all book lovers should visit in Thailand. 

Dasa Book Café

With over 18,000 books, Dasa Book Café claims to be the best bookstore in Bangkok. The second-hand bookshop has the largest selection of English titles in the city and a wide selection of books in other languages too. Explore their plethora of books while lounging in their tables and chairs exclusively for visitors. Dasa translates to servant or slave and was chosen as the name of the store because they believe book lovers cannot live without books.

Passport Bookshop

This quaint bookshop located on Prasumaeru road is easy to miss, as it is pretty small. Despite that, it has become a popular spot among bookworms. The outside of the shop is decorated with table and chair sets alongside a bright red bike. Once you stroll through the doors, you are greeted by tall bookshelves on either side displaying titles from across Southeast Asia. They also offer a decent coffee and tea to those looking to sit down and relax for a while.

Chatuchak Market

The world’s largest market, ChatuchakMarket, houses more than 8,000 stalls in over 35 acres stacking books in every style and genre imaginable. From brand-new titles to rare decades-old finds, shoppers have a lot to choose from at a very cheap and affordable price. Browsing through their selections is not for the faint-hearted. If you are looking for something specific, the stall owners generally are aware of where the titles are located.

Chiang Dao Bookshop

One of the best-loved bookstores in Chiangmai, Chiang Dao opened its doors in 2013 in a wooden Thai-style building. Writers PhuChiangdao and Pry Pansaeng founded this quaint bookstore. While you will mainly find children’s books and young-adult fiction, they also house numerous adult literature, political and historical books to cater to all types of readers. Surround yourself with books while lounging in their store.

There you have it – must visit bookstores in Thailand.

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