4 Natural Fragrances You Can Use To Stay Fresh All Day Long

Nature always holds the secret. So, here are some natural fragrances which will make you smell better than a branded perfume.

A person’s signature fragrance has to be their very own and instantly recognizable. Even a small whiff of the first-rate perfumes can be a magical experience, and a little goes a long way. If you desire to do something with remarkable creativity, you can use natural ingredients to create the magic. Nature always holds the secret. So, here are some natural fragrances which will make you smell better than a branded perfume.


The uses and advantages of Jasmine are a plenty. With its recognisable fresh and light fragrance and generous white blooms, Jasmine is revered as one of the world’s most valuable floral extracts. For centuries, this fast-growing vine has been used to combine high-quality perfumes and home fragrances. Jasmine is a wonderful, versatile plant, cherished for its sweet scent and relatively white petals. But, apart from its use in perfumery, home fragrance and cultural ceremonies, jasmine has different uses.


The fragrant and velvety bloom of a rose has a mystical and elusive essence that poets, artists and perfumers have strived to seize down through the passage of time. Roses have different kinds of categories. Each category is highly demanding for its own power of fragrance. It is the most easy remedy for Indian people suffering from body odours as most of us have a little garden or two or three rose plants in our house.


Sensual and sophisticated, the valuable ingredient sandalwood is regularly used as a base note in the most distinctive fragrances you will find since it adds depth and warmness to a scent. Sandalwood belongs to the woody fragrance family and as the name suggests, thanks to its woody personality with notes coming from bark and roots.

Both warm and soft, the scent of Sandalwood is best for wintry weather offering a creamy and refined feel. However, this amazing ingredient is also best for warmer climates when blended with extra fruity notes or florals, enveloping the wearer in a balmy veil of fragrance. It feels so pure to wear the fresh fragrance of sandalwood as we are familiar with its usage in different kinds of Indian rituals.


Lavender is mostly used in aromatherapy. It also has the power to deal with different types of disorders, including as anxiety, insomnia and depression. There was a time when Lavender was recommended as a treatment. People are told to stuff their pillow with lavender buds. It helps to calm the soul and sleep better. Besides that, lavender oil or raw lavender flowers or buds can be used as perfume to keep you calm and fresh throughout the day.

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