4 Reasons You Should Switch To Canola Hair Oil

If you have been looking for a hair oil that aids to all your hair needs, we have just what you need. Read on to know what canola oil has to offer.

We live in a generation where we schedule hair oil day to the day we won’t step out of the house. Everyone wants well-nourished hair but no one wants to be seen in flat greasy hair. This calls for a hair oil that gives you maximum nourishment in lesser time. Go on and read the benefits of canola oil and see why you need to massage your hair with it.

Before we go into why you need to replace your hair oil with canola, let us know what it is.

Canola oil comes from the seed of canola, which is a genetic variant of rapeseed. It was discovered by scientists from Canada. The term “canola” originates in “Canada” as well as “ola” (meaning oil). This vegetable oil is typically used for cooking, and a majority of the plants can be genetically modified to enhance the health advantages that the oil offers.

Reduces Inflammation

There is evidence that suggests that the acids and fats in canola oil may calm the skin and increase cell growth. So, applying oil from canola on your scalp can ease irritation and itching. It will also nourish dormant hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

Hydrates Hair And Prevents Water Loss

Beauty bloggers say that oil from canola is beneficial for hair due to its moisturizing and nourishment qualities. The oil coats hair’s strands, allowing them to hold in moisture. This helps prevent split ends and frizzy hair. If you have been fighting dandruff for a long, a regular massage could help you fight the reoccurring problem.

Promotes Hair Growth

Canola oil is a source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant that helps promote hair growth. Consuming vitamin E reduces oxidative stress on the scalp and encourages healthy hair. Applying oil from canola to your hair could revitalize your hair and increase the shine of your hair.

Reverses Hair Damage

Canola oil hydrates and softens your hair’s individual strands. The antioxidants in the oil can cleanse your hair and help prevent drying and damage from UV. It is also ideal for those who style their hair with heating tools regularly and need deep nourishment for reversing the effect.


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