4 recent documentaries you need to watch and discuss

These are not just documentaries, but have been made filmy and more attractive without compromising its position.

Documentaries are kind of films, which are not films at all. A film is usually made on a story, having a biassed perspective, whereas a documentary is an unbiased presentation of facts.

Nanook of the North by Robert Flaherty is considered as the first ever documentary, it was released in 1922, telling everything about the lifestyle of an eskimo family.

Scottish filmmaker John Grierson first used the term ‘Documentary’ in 1926 to describe a non-fiction film.  Before the era of realism, most of the subjects of art were unreal or hypothetical or mystic.

When neorealism and realism came into films, dealing directly with reality, the realist film makers started working with an intention to present a film as such a documentary. They talked about making a movie with a real story and context, without any manipulation of information and emotions.

Documentary and its approach in recent time

Until the 90’s, documentaries were more like reports and interviews. There was no such filmy approach in case of making, presentation, cinematography, edit, sound of a documentary. There were only a few documentaries that tried a filmy approach. Though the critics termed those as ‘Documentation Films’. Film is something that is pre scripted, documentaries are not to be.

Nowadays, lots of documentaries are coming out with a filmy approach, and creators are preparing some sort of scripted videographs(not available in reality in real time) along with real footage. Lots of sound effects, animation, and VFX are being added. All these together make documentaries more filmy and more attractive without compromising its position.

Recent documentaries to be discussed:

Netflix is doing these kinds of projects amazingly. These are not just documentaries anymore, these can be called Realist films actually.

The Social Dilemma

A documentary by Jeff Orlowski on social media and its effects. There is a vivid description about social media, how it works, how it creates money, how it is affecting the society and how the future is going to be. There are interviews with people who worked on developing these social platforma, experts of psychology, sociology and science and also very highly efficient graphics and animated objects.

The Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi

It is also a Netflix original series directed by Ayesha Sood. This documentary series is about a serial killer who killed so many people and put their bodies near Tihar jail. And challenged the Police to catch him if they can. This documentary is the space where the people who knew the killer opened their mouths for the first time.

American Murder: The Family next door

It is a documentary by Jenny Popplewell, bought by Netflix. This is about the missing case of Shanann Watts and her children. The brutality has been depicted in an extravagant manner.

The Mind: Explained

This is also a Netflix original documentary series, with two seasons, and there is no director. Human mind is explained in this documentary as it was never depicted before.

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