4 Techniques For Air-Drying Curly Hair Without Getting It Frizzy

Curly hair is more susceptible to getting frizzy on drying. Here is how to prevent your bouncy curls from getting frizzy after each wash.

Having naturally curly hair is entertaining up to the point where you need to comb it. One minute your hair is full of volume and ready to be shown off; the next, you can’t untangle a single damp strand. Most stylists would advise against using a blow dryer, but even if you do, you’ll still have to deal with wild, unmanageable hair. Following these simple steps can help you maintain smooth, bouncy hair. Take a look below to learn about them all.

Condition your hair while you brush it

You have undoubtedly learned from countless hair care blogs that brushing damp hair is a huge no-no. However, it is also not a good idea to wait until your hair is dehydrated before combing it if it is curly. Therefore, what ought you do? It really is that easy. As you comb through your hair after applying conditioner, gently work your fingers along the strands to untangle any knots you find. Once your hair is detangled chiefly, you may run a wide-toothed comb over it. As a result, your hair will dry without frizzing since the conditioner will have covered it evenly throughout its length.

Finish by rinsing with cold water to refresh your hair

Because the cuticles can’t seal correctly while air-drying hair, the result is an unruly, unmanageable appearance. Do a short cold water rinse once you come out of the shower to ensure your cuticles are sealed. The water need not be too hard. Hair cuticles are sealed and made smooth and lustrous at temperatures below a regular bath.

Invest in good-quality hair products

Even if your hair dries on its own after a shower, that is no excuse to leave it that way. Keeping the cuticles tight and sealing moisture into your hair is impossible without leave-in products. Argan oil is beneficial for curly hair. You don’t have to rely solely on store-bought products when it comes to nourishing your hair.

Put your hair up

There is a method to the madness of having gorgeous hair. Efforts should be made to make them shiny and buoyant. To maintain your natural curls, you should twist your hair with your fingers after it is almost dry. With your natural curl pattern, your hair won’t lose its form over the day. Then, carefully divide your hair into smaller portions for a fuller, more festive look.


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