Published By: Ahvana Paul

4 Things you would relate to if you miss your college days

Are you somebody who remembers their college with fondness and love? Are you one of those people who feel like it was undoubtedly the best days of your life, and growing up after that was just so much added responsibility, that you simply yearn for them back sometimes? If you find yourself nodding to all these questions, then here are some things that you would relate to!

Nostalgic whenever you go to campus – It is not an opportunity that comes by often but one which is always cherished if you are somebody who misses your college days. It is like you have been thrown back, a stream of gushing memories will come back. You will find yourself going to all your favorite food stalls which are there, and visit your department, perhaps the classrooms where you studied and perhaps even, gape at new changes that you see within the campus. No matter what, it is definitely an experience, which brings back memories, and that is what makes it precious.

Your friends are still your best friends – If you are lucky, chances are your college best friends are still your best friends. Unfortunately, you cannot meet them as often as you used to, but when you re-unite with them, it is like old times! You relive your memories and laugh at your adventures. Also, though the reunions are less, you always have them on your speed-dial and can call them anytime. Friends in college mark a transition from your school life to you going out in the world! They have seen you grow and change in those three years. Chances are they know you best!

Dislike the pace that life took since then – If you are somebody who misses your college and has a nostalgia about it, you really wish you could go back and maintain that carefree life. Although you overtime accept that life will change a lot perhaps, you sometimes yearn that fun time, and end up cursing the pace of life you have had since then! While staying stuck in the past is never a good idea, remember you can always go back to college. Ofcourse, the last option should be based on other considerations!

You miss dining in campus- For those who are all in love with their college, though this may come as a weird fact but an accurate one nonetheless. Many a times, one also happens to miss just eating or sipping coffee and tea in your campus, no matter how good or bad the canteen was!