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4 Tricks To Get Gorgeous Curls Without A Curling Iron

Love bouncy curls? Here is how to get them naturally without using any kind of heating tools.

Curly hair whether tight, silky, or wavy, is beautiful in every form.The best thing is that they look great on any hair length or texture.But what should you do if you were born with a head of straight poker hair (and we mean blessed because straight hair may be beautiful as well)?Curling one's hair is possible, but what about the potential damage?You may learn how to curl your hair without needing a curl or tongs by following one of the numerous methods.Our list of no-heat hair-curling methods includes the quickest and most effective techniques.

Recycle That Old Tee And Rock Those New Curls!

Perform your regular hair-washing routine.Use a cloth to blot the water off.The best way to do this is to cut a t-shirt lengthwise, starting at the neck and working down to the bottom.When the strip is narrower, the curls are more compact.Take a tiny bit of hair and roll it, along with the strip, up until you reach your scalp.Curls should be rolled in toward the neck.Hold your hair in place by tying the tip of the strip.It will have to be done again and again for all the hair.Hold off on removing the strips until your hair is totally dried.

Retro Curls Headband

Perform your regular hair-washing routine.Use a cloth to blot the liquid off.Wrap some kind of headband around your noggin.Wrap your hair around the band in portions until it's completely enclosed.Tack down any dangling threads.Do not touch your hair until it is totally dried.Carefully remove the headband and the bobby pins, and let your curls loose.

Natural Waves Braiding Method

Perform your regular hair-washing routine.Towel it dry, separate it down the middle, and pull it back into two ponytails.Wrap a rubber band around the end of the braid to keep it in place.Create many braids if you want your curls to be tight, or simply one if you want them to be loose.Do not touch your hair until it is totally dried.Relax the braids and let your hair loose.

Wavy Sock Buns

Make a doughnut out of an old sock by rolling up the hose and leaving out the toe.Perform your regular hair-washing routine. Use a cloth to blot the liquid off.Make a top knot and secure your hair there.Draw your hair back into a ponytail and thread it through the sock.Securely tuck and wrap the hair.The amount of hair in the sock may be increased by rolling it.Rolling and tucking must be repeated to the top of the head.Use clips to keep the bun in place.Keep the bread overnight and untie it for the breakfast feast.