4 types of eco-friendly food packaging

Say bye bye to toxic polythenes!

The obsessive uses of non-biodegradable plastics call on so many major complexities among mankind and nature. Consequently, natural calamities are in instant growth and the rate of many diseases related to heart and skin are rising incessantly. But, it’s a satisfactory truth that people are gradually adopting the tactics and potential to overcome this tragic state. When it comes to packing foods, then the packing elements have to be eco-friendly and their price must be low of cost. So let’s have a knowledge of those types of food packaging to avoid reactions for yourself and the environment.

Glass packaging : Not preferable for carrying on a far away outing

Despite having so many conditions, these containers are worthy of buying, recycling, reusing and other genuine advantages. Causing zero pollution to the environment, these containers are made of pure glass and open-close areas are made of silicons and other eco-friendly materials. Although it’s a little heavy to carry for a distinctive weight of glass, it’s completely harmless for health. Variable glass containers are in the market, such as bottles, small and medium rectangular boxes, spice boxes etc.

Paper packaging : Easy to make it at home as well

One of the most good-effective ways of having safe packaging. Mostly brown craft papers you can easily get at craft shops, is a perfect stuff to use. The paper is made with organic virgin woods to strengthen and be more eco-friendly. Also it’s so sustainable that you can carry it anywhere you want. And the most interesting thing is this type of paper can be used approx six times by recycling.

Biodegradable packaging : More way to use and compost

Getting stunned to hear how it is possible to compost! Here to tell. Try to find out which is biodegradable and contributes by composting. There are very few ingredients which have both qualities. One example is sugar cane fibre. Containers made of this fibre lasts long and it is safe for any microwave preparations.

Gelatin packaging : More sustainable and safe

According to the research of environmentalists, gelatin is so safe and health-friendly to use as containers. It can’t create reactions with any type of foods and can’t lead to any food-poisons which is the best positive thing of using this. The particles of gelatin are built with antibacterial and antioxidant substances that generally help to have zero reactions. But one negative point you have to consider is that gelatin is poor enough to protect from licking of water. In that case, you can contain and reserve zero-water based foods. In the field of food packaging, the usefulness of gelatin is growing more among the customers for it’s safe impression.

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