Published By: Ahvana Paul

5 AI’s you must know about if you are an academic

While artificial intelligence has taken an interesting direction, and redefined things for us in many ways- especially in the commercial sector, in the world of academics its acceptance is indeed trickier! There is the question of ethics, plagiarism and also quality; it is true, that AI’s provide generic and basic functions. Sometimes, they are not satisfactory enough! However, don’t lose heart. Here are some AI’s which you can indeed use to facilitate your academic work, which helps you in some ways. 


Quillbot is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps millions of students and professionals to write faster. There are various features in this including a grammar checker, paraphrase, plagiarism checker, a translator and best of all a citation generator. This is, therefore, a good option for academics and provides all the things you need, saving you a tonne of time while formatting. However, do proceed with caution, as sometimes, things like the proof-checker cannot gauge the meaning of what you have written, and end up giving inappropriate suggestions. Do it properly rather than try to pace it up. Go through each correction they ask you to make!  


This is another very useful AI. It can be installed on your computer and therefore can be used while you type in Word, your email or Google Docs. They give smart and crisp suggestions, and will carefully correct your grammar. Grammarly is the highest-rated grammar checker on the web now and is extremely useful. The premium version also provides you with alternate sentences to make it sound smarter. This is therefore very useful, and you should install at least the free version. These things can quicken up your work. However, be careful as sometimes the suggestions are also incorrect, by your writing.

Research Rabbit                                              

 This website is very useful to help prepare literature reviews. It helps to give you an idea about the literature in the field in a quick amount of time and saves you the strain of having to go through millions of readings, to know which one is necessary, as well as the gap in the literature review. All you have to do, once you register is type your topic, and Research Rabbit will give you all relevant readings to your work, based on your keywords. You will therefore get a whole list of works and their summaries that you could potentially refer to. Choose the ones most suitable to you, after reading the summaries and create your chart for the literature review. Though the summaries are basic, they help you get an idea and help you with your work. This will help you remain organized during your research!


 Are you often frustrated by research, and overwhelmed by the whole process, which is impeding your research itself? Well, Jenni is your solution. It has a paraphrasing tool, a tool for intext citations, a chat with the pdf feature, which quickly summarizes your research papers to help understand them faster as well as an outline builder for you to get an idea of structures for your essays or articles or whatever it is you are writing! Sounds like the ultimate package, doesn’t it? Even more cool, there is an AI autocomplete which writes alongside you which can be used to constitute your writing for when you are faced with writer's block! 

Google Scholar

 This is a search engine made by Google. Just type your topic, and you get a range of scholarly articles/ write-ups, and theses on your topic, which is easily accessible, making life easy for sure!

Good luck!