5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cape Gooseberries

Cape gooseberries are an excellent source of nutrients.

Hence, if consumed regularly and in the proper amount, they may benefit your health to a significant extent.

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Cape gooseberries make a healthful snack to munch on between meals. Also known as rasbhari, these yummy berries can also be added to a variety of desserts. Now, when it comes to the nutrition profile, they contain a huge amount of fiber, protein, iron, fats, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin K, beta-carotene, phosphorus, calcium, and more.

So, it’s evident that regular consumption of cape gooseberries may be highly beneficial for your health.

May enhance skin health

Cape gooseberries are packed with vitamin C which helps boost the production of collagen in your body. This, in turn, benefits your skin’s texture, and also reduces your risk of several skin-related issues. The high amounts of antioxidants found in these berries also reduce oxidative damage and further enhance your skin complexion to a great extent.

May support digestion

Cape gooseberries’ high fiber content helps stimulate the secretion of certain enzymes that take part in your digestion process. It also boosts the movement of food through the intestine and further adds bulk to your bowel movement. As some studies have found, people who consume these berries daily are at a lower risk of digestive issues.

May aid in weight loss

Being exceptionally low in calories, these orange-colored berries are popular among fitness enthusiasts. They keep you full for a long time, restricting you from overeating throughout the day. Also, the high amounts of vitamins and minerals in them aid in your metabolic rate, which also helps your body to shed some of its excess kilos.

May control diabetes

Cape gooseberries contain fiber which aids in your body’s insulin sensitivity and prevents any spike of glucose in your blood. Also, owing to their high antioxidant content, these berries reduce oxidative stress in your body as well. All of these, in turn, reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes to a great extent. Hence, do incorporate cape gooseberries into your diet if you are suffering from diabetes.

May promote cardiovascular functions

Thanks to the presence of polyphenols and carotenoids, cape gooseberries help regulate the blood pressure levels in your body. They contain high amounts of fiber which increase HDL cholesterol levels and also help decrease LDL cholesterol levels in your blood. Both aid in your heart’s functions, and also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disorders (including heart attack).

Besides these, cape gooseberries may also boost immunity, improve eyesight, promote bone strength, etc.

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