5 amazing health benefits of indoor plants

Indoor plants are not only about aesthetics but also associated with some excellent health benefits.

Nothing compares to indoor plants when it comes to adding a special aesthetic touch to your homes. All you need to do is keep the plants in a proper space, water them regularly, and it will change the overall look of your home in no time. However, apart from that, keeping plants indoors is also quite effective in purifying the surrounding air, which further benefits your health to a great extent. Moreover, it spreads lots of positive vibes that enhance your productivity – this is why many people place indoor plants on their office desks. Without more ado, let’s discuss some of the various health benefits indoor plants have to offer.

May reduce stress levels

Needless to say, that spending time in nature has a calming effect on the human mind. Also, as per several research studies, keeping plants at home/office can reduce the cortisol (the hormone that triggers stress) levels in your body. So, gardening can be quite helpful when you are stressed.

May offer therapeutic benefits

Indoor gardening has shown to be beneficial for people struggling with mental illnesses. In fact, just looking at green plants is extremely good for your mental health. It can help you recover from anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and several other issues very effectively.

May boost healing

This is the reason why many people bring a bouquet while visiting a patient in the hospital. It’s a proven fact that being surrounded by greenery helps you recover from diseases in a relatively short time. Researchers have found that surgery patients recover a lot faster when they have plants in their rooms.

May promote sleep pattern

Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. So, keeping indoor plants helps purify the room’s air, which in turn makes it easier for you to have a peaceful sleep at night. Also, some researches have shown that spending close time with nature can boost the release of sleep hormones in your body.

May improve cognitive skills

Indoor plants can significantly improve the overall functions of your brain. Research has shown that students can perform a lot better in mathematics when they are surrounded by greenery. This is why many schools have started incorporating plants in their classrooms. Indoor plants improve your focus, memory, concentration, and all the other cognitive skills.

For the best results, go for plants like orchids, aloe vera, lavender, spider plant, snake plant, bamboo palm, etc.

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